Email Marketing Landing Page Tips To Increase Conversions

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Published on: July 20, 2021

Do you want tips to increase the conversion rate of your email marketing landing page? Don't know where to begin or what to test?

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most challenging issues that website owners confront. You want every website visitor to become a lead or a sale. However, reaching that aim is far more complex than it appears. With that in mind, we'll teach you tips to increase conversions by adjusting and testing critical aspects of your page. Do you know about email marketing?

As a savvy digital marketer you can easily market your business online, you will spend hours planning to enhance your lead generation strategy. More social posts? An email marketing campaign? You may even be over-spending your budget on PPC ads hoping for a conversion.

However, the primary goal of any marketing campaign is to drive action. After a lead clicks your CTA, are they taken to your company’s “contact us” form or a dedicated landing page?

So, you've created the ideal email to send to your subscribers to entice them to convert. Now you send out the email and wait for individuals to start purchasing your stuff. However, after a few days, you see that, though many individuals clicked on your email, only a tiny percentage converted.

What is the reason behind this?

So, if you don't have an efficient email marketing landing page in place, your email campaigns could not get the desired results.

What Does a Conversion Rate Mean?

The number of individuals converting into leads or purchases on your landing page is divided by the total number of visits to your page. For example, if your online store's sales page has 1,000 visitors per month and makes 50 sales, the conversion rate is 50 divided by 1,000, or 5%.

A conversion is any activity you want your visitors to do, such as:

Purchasing clicking a button Filling out a contact form after entering an email address to subscribe to your newsletter Requesting a demonstration of a product or service But how can you tell if your conversion rate is reasonable?

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for a Landing Page?

Do you know the conversion rate of a good landing page? How will you achieve that rate? A solid landing page's typical conversion rate might range between 2 and 4 percent. However, the outcomes vary depending on the industry.

When comparing your findings to the average conversion rate across all industries, your results may not be completely accurate.

For example, the conversion rate of an eCommerce website may differ significantly from that of a higher education website. So, rather than asking, "what is a good landing page conversion rate?" ask, "what is a good landing page conversion rate for my industry?"

So now that you know what a conversion rate is? Also, the average rate across industries. Now can you improve your landing page’s conversion rates? Check out the tips below to get started.

1) Target The Right Audience

Before jumping in and making any changes to your landing page, let's take the time to make sure you're marketing your page to the right target audience. Ask yourself:
  • Who will come to this page?
  • What do I want them to read?
  • How do I want them to feel?
  • What do I want them to do?
Ensure your page focuses on answering those queries, from the headline and body copy to the testimonials and call to action buttons. If your landing page isn't targeting the right people, your conversion rates will suffer.

2) Craft Headline That Connect Emotionally

Did you know that your landing page headline is the first element users see? When they visit your page, you will have only a few seconds to grab their attention. So, it’s essential your headline is bold, straightforward, and resonates with your audience.

Great headlines should offer visitors something encouraging and urge them to continue down the page.

3) Ensure Your Copy Understands the Problem


Do you understand your audience? Too often, brands don't entirely understand their audience demands, resulting in messaging that doesn't connect. So, you should create a copy that relates to users on their level, making them realize that you know the problems they face.

If you're grappling with expressing how your product or service can solve an issue, try a copywriting framework to ensure your message reaches them.

Moreover, when you tell a story utilizing the following framework, visitors will automatically convert at an optimal rate:

  1. The story with a person like them
  2. who has the same problem
  3. and connects with a guide like you
  4. who provides a plan to solve that problem
  5. and invites them to take action
  6. which assist them in avoiding failing
  7. and end up succeeding.
This methodology helps you understand exactly what your audience is looking for and craft a clear message to address their problem.

4) Offer Something Users Value


It's easy to waste your landing page space introducing your business above the fold. The truth is, people don't care about it.

Instead, as soon as a potential customer visits your page, you should inform them how your product or offerings benefits them and solves their problems. Do you want to learn more? If they're going to learn more about you, they can keep scrolling.


5) Use the Right Images


Did you know that crafting a compelling message is super important? However, pictures can bring out the best emotions needed for the audience to take action. So, every image on your landing page should sync with your content. This is how your message can stand out.

Do you want to know more? Every single image on your page should supports your copy, allowing visitors to visualize their path to success.

Do you want more tips to increase conversions? Read on.

6) Create Videos for Complex Information


Mainly, no matter how excellent your copy or images are, it's challenging to express your message, so it's easy for people to understand. This is sometimes the case for software businesses where the data is technical.

So, what will you do then? A video is much more efficient at getting your message across to your audience in a scenario like this. Not only can videos condense complex information, but they're also more appealing, keeping users on your page for longer.

You won't need high-quality video production either. Your video can be:

  • A simple video of your product's features
  • A concise demo of how something works
  • Answers to FAQs
  • A welcome message from your CEO
Furthermore, any of these types of videos can deliver your message quickly and provide a more streamlined user experience.

7) Include Testimonials


So do you have customer reviews? When was the last time you clicked over a purchase button? However, did you confirm your purchase right away?

Our guess is it’s the latter. The majority of customers will search for feedbacks before making a decision.

Social proof like this works because your potential customers believe other customers. If they find that people are satisfied with your product or service, they’re more likely to purchase from you. So, what should you do?

Try placing your reviews near primary elements on your landing page. For instance, a carousel of testimonials near your call-to-action button can work miracles for lead generation and conversions.

8) Add Trust Badges


Have you ever tried trust badges? Well, similar to our previous tips to increase conversions is trust badges. Trust badges are icons that show your page is trustworthy and the customer’s information is secure.

How they work is relatively simple. If someone hasn’t hit your landing page before, it’s difficult for them to decide if you’re a name they can trust.

Yet with a trust badge, you acquire power from trustworthy brands to show your reliability and integrity.

The badges peoples trust include:

  • SSL badges
  • 100% Money-back guarantees
  • 100% free dropshipping
  • Safe payment icons
  • Industry award badges
  • Client or customer reviews

Because of these trust signals, it's easy to show visitors you're a credible business, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

9) Eliminate Your Navigation Menu


The desire to add a plethora of links to other pages on your website is sometimes too powerful to resist. But did you realize that displaying a navigation menu on your landing page might reduce conversion rates?

Visitors are distracted by too many links and crowded navigation bars. Would you like them to buy your goods or read your blog posts? This sends confusing signals to users, preventing them from performing what you want them to accomplish.

An effective landing page should only have one aim. Therefore it's critical to remove any distractions that aren't helping you achieve that objective.

This involves deleting your navigation menu so viewers can't leave your website, improving their conversion chances.


10) Split Testing


Our final thought is something you should implement for each landing page on your website. It is, in fact, a required step for enhancing landing page conversions.

Every page element should be A/B tested.

A/B testing enables you to determine which page components are most effective in achieving your conversion goals. It's also the most distinctive approach to see what's not operating as it should.

For example, you can evaluate if one button type is more effective than another or which headline attracts the most attention. Just keep in mind that you should only test two versions of a single element at a time; otherwise, you won't be able to assess the difference adequately. We hope that our tips will help you through your brand’s email marketing and Digital Media Marketing.



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