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Looking for an automotive social media expert to take you from strategy to implementation and analysis?

It happens with all of us. We think of a product, search on Google and go the brand’s social handles to verify the authenticity of the brand.

In the digital landscape, especially in internet marketing , success lies in two key elements: a winning strategy and its strong execution – and at Xtreme Technologies, we have aced both!

Yes, for years, clients in the automobile industry and sub-niches have appreciated us for actionable roadmaps and data-driven campaigns that bring them more social following, higher revenue, and robust customer connections.

The Holistic Process with Xtreme Technologies – Pioneer Automotive Social Media Expert

All   social media marketing processes at Xtreme Technologies start with understanding the business model – we study the current business journey and the organization's size, then do an audit and take it from there.

Drive More Traffic

After the audit, we crunch numbers, perform a competitor analysis and research the target audience. Then we create the automotive social media marketing strategy.

Improve SEO Results

The second important and our favorite step in the process is the execution of the strategy we made in the first step. We create content, design creatives, add hashtags and take the strategy to campaign performance.

XtremeTechnologies's SEO Methodology

We keep collecting and processing the engagement metrics during the campaigns and use that data to build future social media marketing strategies and action plans.

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Startup Plan


Recurring Monthly Payment

  • 3 postings per week (per network) Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Google+
  • Content Creation
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy (Overview)
  • Facebook Likes Campaign
  • Monthly Progress report
  • Copy Writing

Velocity Plan


Recurring Monthly Payment

  • Copywriting & Visual Designs
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Spam Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • 6 postings per week (per network) Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Google+
  • Social Account Setup
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Hearing
  • Social Account Setup

Target the right buyer group through social media marketing

And that, too, without financial or geographical constraints! Social media marketing lets you perform organic and paid advertisements , so you can choose the budget you wish to spend for your desirable ROI in your automotive business.
Plus, social media lets you attract buyers at different levels of the marketing funnel. You choose if you wish to attract an audience that is either deciding, ready to buy, or just window shopping on socials. For this, we design different campaigns to reach diverse audiences.

SEO Service

And what’s more?

You can further influence the buying decisions of your target audience by retargeting campaigns.

You can further influence the buying decisions of yourtarget audience   by retargeting campaigns

Why do automotive businesses invest in social media marketing?

While there are hundred good reasons why more than 75% of marketers are investing in social media campaigns, here are 5 solid goals our clients wish to achieve:

SEO Service
Global reach
Brand awareness
High-quality leads
Better conversion rates
24*7 Customer care

So, why not leverage the platforms when you can advertise beyond boundaries, get the brand awareness you deserve, convert your dream leads, and be available for your customers around the clock?

Why Clients Consider Xtreme Technologies the No.1 Automotive Social Media Company

We are proud of our people and processes. Learn about these in more detail.

We create strong, research-backed campaigns that are meant to perform and result in engagement plus revenue. This comes from our thorough competitor analysis and industry SWOT.


We have experts in our social media teams who are champs in their platforms. With a team of 50+ social media marketers, we have dedicated units that work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing strategies.

Visuals play a significant role in the success of most social media campaigns – and so is true for automotive socials as well. So, whether you are on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter, you get platform-relevant, value-adding creatives.

No matter it’s the creative ad copy, captions or hashtags, we have the talent pool that has mastered the art of automotive social media marketing. That’s how you get compelling graphics, catchy ads, and error-free captions.
So, are you ready to unlock the potential of world’s biggest social media platforms for your business?

SEO website maintenance packages are tailored to your website's individual requirements and are available for clients who want to preserve their present positions in search engine results while also increasing their organic rankings for additional terms.
Our SEO maintenance solutions ensure that your website remains visible to both new and returning visitors.

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Simply put, social media marketing helps automotive businesses forward their narrative to the world – through platforms with a good percentage of your target audience around the clock.

Facebook and Instagram are two of greatest sources of online sales, plus, they improve the visibility of your website and Google Ads while directing the traffic.

Get your customers high-quality exposure to your offerings and start generating more revenue today!  

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FAQs About Automotive Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is the planning, and execution of a strategy that specifically helps market automobile businesses, car and vehicle-related dealerships on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the ideal social media platforms for car dealerships. These platforms allow automobile entrepreneurs to showcase the features and performance of their vehicles, plus you can connect with your customers whenever they need.

There are 4 solid ways to utilize social media for promoting a car dealership, including:

- Advertisements

Ads yield results faster than organic social media marketing. Make a video or a static post and leave a strong call to action. Get leads and utilize the emails or phone numbers for retargeting.

- Reels

Instagram allows bite-sized content, means automotive businesses can make short videos and connect with their target audience. Create a reel talking about your mission and vision, throw a car offer, give a discount, persuade viewers to subscribe to a newsletter or visit your website.

- Infographics

Perform an industry research, create valuable content and distribute through branded creatives like infographics.

- Influencers

Partner with influencers and social media celebrities that relate to your niche. Ask them to promote your automotive products or services in exchange of freebies, or financial benefits

The marketing mix – the 4Ps in the automobile industry talk about product, price, place and promotion.

The product aspect in the automobile industry refers to the qualities of the product – let’s say a car or some other vehicle. Focusing on the product, the stakeholders or marketers should focus on the design, usability, features and performance and value delivery of the product.

Price refers to the monetary value of the car or vehicle that the users are willing to pay. Marketers need to strike the right balance between quality, features, gross profit margins and demand while pricing the product.

Place is the location where product is distributed to the buyers. The place has to be accessible enough for customers and potential buyers.

Promotion includes advertisements, influencer marketing, organic and paid search engine marketing, discounts and offers.

In the automobile industry, digital marketing can help improve leads and conversion through different tactics including social media and community marketing, content marketing, choice of hashtags, search engine optimization and PPC marketing, email marketing and online reputation management.

The main targets automobile businesses achieve with digital marketing (and sub-techniques) include brand awareness and social following, demand and lead generation, online conversion and customer engagement.