Email marketing may seem simple enough on the surface like one is writing an email ad. There are, however, many facets that are confounding to everyone except the experts. Although it has been around for decades, its relevance is more influential now than ever before. This is the path to take if you wish to get up-close and personal with your audience in a way that’s highly effective, nurtures them into loyal customers, and provides a consistent winning method over all other marketing mediums.

That’s email marketing for you!

At Xtreme Technologies, all your email marketing will be handled like a pro. But before we get to the good part, let’s take a clear picture as to what it actually is.

Email marketing is the underdog of digital marketing campaigns. Its goal is to keep you relevant with your audience via email. An optimal and smart email marketing strategy converts prospects into customers and transforms one-time investors into raving fans.

Advantages Of An Ace Email Marketing Agency

If you’re unsure of email marketing and its powers, then you’re not alone. Email marketing retains the top position at boosting customer loyalty and nurturing leads despite the advent of social media and unsolicited spam email (which is the downfall of email marketing).

There are many reasons why you should have an email marketing company on hand, including:

  • Email remains the highest-ranked communication channel for most people. In fact, 99% of people check their emails several times a day. This cannot be claimed for any other communication medium.
  • Your emailing list is your property, which cannot be taken from you under any circumstances. On the other hand, all your social media accounts, along with your posts and fans, could be deleted, suspended, or hacked without notice, leaving you hanging. Email lists are one thing that remains yours indefinitely.
  • Email is the better choice for conversions. According to a study, people who buy via email marketing spend 138% more than their counterparts who don’t receive email offers. Email marketing has a staggering ROI of 4400%! If you feel that social media has a better conversion rate, you have another thing coming: email has an average value order three times higher than your run-of-the-mill social media.

So what’s the secret? It’s the direct line of communication between you and your audience which is not available through social media. It’s that simple and becomes a lot simpler with Xtreme Technologies by your side.

Types Of Email Marketing Services We Offer In The Usa

Even with the advent of newer and faster communication channels, you would be amazed to know its far-reaching effects and how it surpasses all other marketing strategies. Here’s a reminder of all the reasons why it still works incredibly well:

  • With email, you’re at the wheel of its distribution. As mentioned earlier, digital email marketing gives you a direct connection to your customers’ inbox.
  • People are so willing to get offers and marketing messages through email. Social media has become riddled with ads, which is why people prefer to receive promotions through email. They do not scroll social media to be bombarded by one ad after another.
  • Email conversion, simply, beats all others. You can deliver your content and offer freebies, ebooks, press releases, brand news and whatnot through email marketing.
  • Xtreme Technologies, a full-service email marketing agency has a lot to offer. Our professionals create masterpieces in forms of:
    • Newsletters: newsletters are sent out via email depending on your requirement, which may be every week or once a month. Your customers can remain up to date with the current developments about your business.
    • Invitations: these email invitations keep clients aware of any special events. All these will be handled by us so that you can relax and plan your event with an absolute peace of mind.
    • Promotions: you can send out promotional emails to your customer base and let them know about upcoming sales and special offers.
    • Catalogs:these are to remind your audience of the services and products you offer.
    • Lead-nurturing emails:we intend to build your email list by sparking their interest through regular emails that turn a visitor into a paying customer.
    • Surveys:: we can design and send out questionnaires so that your business can gain more knowledge as to what makes them tick. This will lead to improvement of your service when you can cater to individual customers, making them feel heard.
    • Transactional emails:These emails are sent after customers have made a purchase to say thank you and encourage the customer to invest with you again.

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Affordable Email Marketing Service Packages

Connect with your targeted audience to promote your brand with our Best Email Marketing packages.

Startup Plan


Per Month

  • 1 Email
  • Split Testing Subject Lines
  • Email Coding
  • Creative Theme Development
  • Campaign & Target Strategy
  • Coding of Emails
  • Distribution of Emails
  • Open Rate Analysis
  • Click Rate Analysis
  • Monthly/Quarterly Lead Generation Reports
  • Online Campaign Project Management
  • Website Signup Implementation
  • Initial Email Template Creation
  • Custom Email Template Design - 2/month
  • Email Subscriber List Management and Segmentation

Venture Plan


Per Month

  • Upto 7 Emails
  • Email Copywriting
  • Split Testing Subject Lines
  • Images used From your Website or Provided by Us
  • Campaign & Target Strategy
  • Creative Theme Development
  • Design Edits for each Email
  • Coding of Emails
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Testing of Emails on 24 Mail Clients
  • Distribution of Emails
  • Open Rate Analysis
  • Custom Email Template Design - 10/month
  • Click Rate Analysis
  • Online Campaign Project Management
  • Website Signup Implementation
  • Initial Email Template Creation
  • Additional Emails (Upto 3)

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How can an email marketing services provider help your business?

Xtreme Technologies delivers the top email service. For that to go successful, we collaborate with the clients and plan a strategy accordingly. So what do our services have to offer that are guaranteed to bring you the maximum results?

It would be relatively easy to get technical, but instead, here’s what our services offer that will help streamline your email marketing strategy:

  • Help you create and monitor a variety of email advertising campaigns.
  • Make sure that all emails are optimized and user friendly.
  • Proofread the content of messaging that forms the email templates
  • Contact graphic designers for design requests.
  • Manage and compile email lists.
  • Purge email lists.
  • Follow-up on relevant emails.
  • Create digital ads.
  • Track and analyze the marketing results.
  • Aid with other digital marketing efforts.

This is what you can expect from an agency that excels at email marketing. These responsibilities are the tip of the iceberg since a lot of nitty-gritty goes into all these processes, but with Xtreme Technologies, you can hold higher expectations from all our collaborative email marketing endeavors.

Why hire an email marketing expert/consultant?

Xtreme Technologies are a proud full-service email marketing service taking the ROI-boosting marketing initiative to the next level. Our email marketers are experts in their ability to use marketing results in the most effective avenue possible.

By building email marketing campaigns, we drive brand campaigns along with boosting traffic. With this strategy in place, we can solidify your place in the market and ensure that your brand enjoys short and long-term results.

Experts in the field can bring to life your vision for your business with the skills that cannot be found elsewhere. They are focused on the task with the only goal of bringing you the desired results and develop a long-lasting relationship with the client.

Why wait for tomorrow when the future is today?

Consult with the experts to get your email marketing campaigns up and running!

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