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Xtreme Technologies has a capable project management team to take care of all your motion graphics needs.

This means that if you’re hoping to get a motion graphic produced, the task doesn’t have to turn your hairgrey.

So what exactly goes into motion graphics, and why should your business invest in this strategy that seems to be all the rage right now?

Motion graphics are connected to animated graphic design. In simple words, with the help of various tools, our team of experts brings life to your graphic design to create the illusion of movement.

It involves the following features:



When looking for the right color, layout, and design when creating your brand identity, motion graphics factor in by making these elements seem more real. A major portion of motion graphics is taking the company’s values and missions and interpreting them so that they can be expressed digitally and create the art that proceeds. Your branding strategy’s effectiveness will increase tenfold when you implement motion graphics to step up your visual and auditory game.

Storytelling with motion graphics


Our ace motios graphics designers can redefine your markting game stronger with the art of story-telling. This relates to the fact that it isn't just about selling the product or its quality but how it pertains to your customers. You're selling to uman beings, which means honing in on heir sentimentals and creating stories to tell.

Explainer videos

Explanation of Concepts

It’s often better to show the audience their desired information instead of using written content. Complex ideas go down like butter since they are easier to digest through images. Motion graphics is a powerful tool when looking for creative ways to offer compelling explanations of educational videos. This will help your customer see you with a clarity that wasn’t present before.

How To Make The Best Of A
Motion Graphics Service?

motion graphics design agency

Developing motion graphics is one of the most effective ways of producing a video or a promotional teaser to launch new products and services. Your business can use animation and graphics regardless of the field tohave an extraordinary impact on people. Xtreme Technologies is hands deep in the digital marketing industry and offers motion graphics as part and parcel of that service.

With our help, you will be visible globally around the digital world. Before you think about using motion graphics services, there are several questions the answers to which will drive our relationship to bring about better results:

  • What is the most suited business advertising platform for showcasing my services and products?
  • Which type of motion graphic video will be most effective in introducing my business and products?
  • Where will the motion graphic videos be displayed?
  • What do I aim to achieve with motion graphic advertising and its narrative?
  • Who is my target audience?

The answer to these questions will be fundamental to manifesting your vision. If you wish, our experts can help you guide along this process because we want to deliver you optimal results with minimal hassle on your part.

Questions and answers

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Affordable Motion Graphics Service Packages

As a US Leading motion graphics company, Our Motion Graphics Packages transforms your static visuals into engaging showstoppers.

Standard Video

  • 30 Seconds Video
  • Professional Script Writing
  • Story Board
  • Animation With Sound Effects
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ultimate Video

  • 90 Seconds Video
  • Professional Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Story Board
  • Animation With Sound Effects
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Advanced Video

  • 120 Seconds Video
  • Professional Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Story Board
  • Animation With Sound Effects
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Do Xtreme’s Motion Graphic Services
Mean For You And Our Business?

More and more people are becoming interested in videos, which makes motion graphics ideal for imparting information and entertainment. Irrespective of your communication needs, you can engage all touchpoints with the versatility of our motion graphics services:

Video ads

Traditional Ads

Television or online commercials appeal to the people who still prefer to get their information from conventional sources.

Whiteboard Animation

Explainer videos

These include intros, processes, overviews, tutorials, ideas, or services so that people are better able to utilize your products.

Brand promotion

Promotional videos

Case studies, viral videos, product reviews, testimonials, and anything that offers visibility and publicity to your brand.

Animated videos on social media

Social Videos

These are aimed at engaging followers of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These can be either educational or purely entertainment. A brand video has proved to be significantly effective in getting higher conversion rates.

Target your audience

Culture marketing

These videos highlight your brand values and missions, causes, and people. This is your chance to connect with your audience so that they can relate to you in a personal way to make meaningful connections.

marketing collateral

Sales collateral

These video animations include product information, company information, or any data that the sales team regularly communicates. By turning boring numbers into motion graphics, we make things interesting, along with saving time and energy.

Benefits Of Using Motion Graphics for your Company

More and more people are becoming interested in videos, which makes motion graphics ideal for imparting information and entertainment. Irrespective of your communication needs, you can engage all touchpoints with the versatility of motion graphics:

They appeal to the sentiments.

Apart from their attention-grabbing characteristics, motion graphics appeal to your audiences’ emotions. People often empathize and mirror the experience being portrayed on the screen. When you want to tell a story, motion graphics equip you with tools that make communication a cakewalk.

They filter information for easy digestion.

Visual communication holds superiority over all other mediums due to its ability to target the brain’s information processes. Visual processing is a hit in an instant. This is the reason we are able to understand complex concepts when we can ‘see’ them. This is particularly useful for:

  • Tutorial: motion graphics are the answer when you need to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell.’
  • Processes: how do things work? Will your audience better relate to your product if they can see exactly how it makes their life easier? If yes, then motion graphics should be the road to take.
  • Data visualization: data is bland and impenetrable, but not when it’s brought to life by our animation designs.

They provide a passive experience

Remember the time when you were happy that the teacher put on a video in class as opposed to the traditional lecture? This meant that you didn’t have to participate at all. Motion graphics work the same way, and this is why the public loves them. All they have to do is watch videos without exerting any mental or physical energy.

This only just grazes the surface of the benefits motion graphics offer. Not to mention their time saving and repurpose-fullness abilities that make them the harbinger of success.

Why Choose Xtreme technologies
For Motion Graphics And Video Animations?

If you wish to curate the user experience fully, then Xtreme Technologies has the skills and expertise to deliver you exactly. Our graphic video designers produce content that has all th e qualities an impressive video has:

  • Smooth animation
  • Excellent easing
  • Duration according to your specifications
  • The extreme clarity of graphics
  • An easy illustration of the topic
  • Straightforward expression of abstract and complex content
  • Bringing changes in marketing returns

Motion graphics form an integral part of building a brand, and with Xtreme Technologies, your goal will be achieved with optimal results. Give your customers an innovative medium of communication and show them that they are worth everything. You will witness the transformation when people start reaching out to you in a way that’s never transpired before. So let’s make this happen!

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