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There are certain search engine techniques that drive unhindered traffic, conversion and sales and PPC is rightly one of them. There may be no shortcuts in life, but pay-per-click marketing makes the cut when talking about instant results.

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As a business owner, you can explore tons of options when choosing marketing ventures. Many options are cost-effective and require little time, such as SEP or content marketing, and can be affordably outsourced to the experts. Despite these quick and efficient options, marketing gurus emphasize the importance of PPC. Many businesses prefer to invest their budgets toward influential PPC advertising campaigns.

This doesn’t pop up as a surprise since many consumers click on Google ads when they satisfy their shopping urges online. The major impact of PPC comes from its ability to produce instant results.

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Affordable PPC Service Packages

Increased website traffic, targeted reach, leads, conversions, retention, and sales are all outcomes that our Pay Per Click Management Packages are designed to produce.

Startup Plan


Initial One Time Setup Fee

  • $300 Monthly Management Fee
  • Monthly PPC Spend up to $2500
  • Up to 500 keywords
  • Advanced Keyword Analysis
  • Search Network Campaign Copywriting
  • Search Network Campaign Testing
  • Google PPC Search Network
  • Monthly Campaign Results Analysis & Reporting
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit for new clients

Velocity Plan


Initial One Time Setup Fee

  • $10% of ad spend Monthly Management Fee
  • Monthly PPC Spend $5000 +
  • All Growth Features
  • Up to 10,000 keywords
  • Google Remarketing Display Ad Design and Creation (1 set of 10 ads)

Xtreme Technologies crafts strategic PPC campaigns aimed at improving traffic, customers, and leads almost immediately once the ad is up and running.

Pay-per-click Marketing
An Agency's Secret to Success

PPC marketing is one of the methods of online advertising in which brands accrue costs when customers click on their ads. You bid on the perceived value of a click with respect to the keywords, platforms, and target audience from which it is derived.

PPC is useful for various campaign goals: increasing sales, promoting brand awareness, and generating leads.

Just like all other digital marketing tools, relevance is key when using PPC. Advertisers have the chance to show their ads at the exact time users are searching for specific services, products, and information. With our help, you will be able to run successful PPC campaigns through both target settings and account structure.

If you're ready to hire a PPC marketing professionals, then be prepared to witness the following rewards

PPC Business goals

The contribution of PPC towards your business goals

This is the most compelling reason for using PPC advertising for most business owners. PPC's potential to achieve a variety of business and marketing goals is what makes it an impressive investment. These goals can be anything ranging from high-level brand exposure to thought leadership and hot lead submission or e-commerce sale.

Google ads implementation

The measurable PPC implementation

A significant benefit of PPC' pay-per-click' advertising run via Google Ads is its convenience at measuring and tracking. We use the Google Ads tool in combo with Google Analytics to bring you high-level performance results, including clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Track results

Trackable PPC results

If you have been out of the running when it comes to digital marketing, then this is the way to catch up with your competitors within days. Our PPC marketing will be up and running with detailed optimization, which is in contrast to other SEO efforts, which take a lot of attention and time to details.

Campaign monitoring

Monitoring and Control Attributes

With your input and business goals in mind, the PPC campaign will run according to your needs. You have the ultimate control over a number of options as to how to reach potential customers. This begins with placements or keywords that you choose to target and how restricted you wish it to be.

These are just some of the top benefits that will be yours for the taking when hiring a PPC marketing agency.

How have PPC management services proved to be a worthy investment for our clients?

The process of setting up, optimizing, and monitoring PPC campaigns can be complex and time-consuming, especially when it comes to in-house marketing teams that have several other responsibilities to oversee. This is why experts should be brought in so that your business receives the attention it deserves. Take a look at what Xtreme Technologies bring to the table:

Receive unwavering attention to your account

By hiring experts, you ensure that continuous optimization is taking place to ensure the successful implementation of PPC campaigns. However, there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that only the pros can handle, including:

  • Utilizing new ad technology and formats
  • Adjust audience targeting
  • Develop marketing lists
  • Utilizing new ad technology and formats
  • Adjust audience targeting
  • Develop marketing lists

Stay up-to-date in the digital market

Professionals are always kept aware of the evolving trends and technology that happens in digital advertising. The advent of new tools renders the old ones obsolete. Keeping up with the changes can be taxing for in-house teams, but that's what the experts are for.

Get comprehensive reporting

An essential service of PPC marketing involves measuring results and reporting. The reporting is a time-consuming intense process, especially when integrating data from multiple platforms and data sources such as Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, and CRMs.

Receive strategic insights and recommendations

The work doesn't finish upon implementation of the PPC marketing strategy. We have the expertise to analyze the results generated by the reports and use them to convey invaluable insights that are simple and make complete sense to you.

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PPC Advertising Services
which One to choose?

Xtreme Technologies offers a multitude of PPC Advertising options that are proven to boost your business to the height of success.

paid search marketing
Paid search campaign

With this marketing technique, providers such as Adwords, Google, and Bing Ads make your ads visible through optimization to users who search with certain keywords.

Display advertising
Display ads

display ads utilize images, text, or banners that appear on various websites that are selected to target your specific audiences.

Social media advertising
Social media ads

several social media platforms have billions of users that could be your prospective customers. PPC advertising on these platforms could help you in achieving enhanced click-rate to your websites.

Affiliate marketing
CPA advertising

we use PPC adverts to promote services and products and place them on: Search engines, Price comparison websites, Targeted content sites and Heavily-trafficked websites.

Deploy Pay Per Click Marketing Services
With Xtreme Technologies

  • PPC advertising is complex, and everyone is vying for online impressions and the top spot on every search engine's search results. This is the time to invest in your online visibility, and with our help, a complex and overwhelming task will be reduced to one of pleasure. All you are left to do is procure the returns of our skills that are at your disposal 24/7.
  • If you want a piece of the pie, then PPC marketing is the way to go to come head to head with your competitors who are already swimming in these waters. With optimized ad campaigns, your business will begin to garner leads but only when managed by experts with the right skills, technology, and care.
  • Xtreme Technologies relies on results. We work with businesses ranging in size from small to Fortune 500 companies since no one is immune to the downfall of not using digital media marketing strategies. We design campaigns based on specific demographics and create unique and consistent messaging that drive maximum results. Transparency is our middle name, which means that you will be involved from the start of the project till it starts manifesting your goals. This isn't a one-off but the beginning of a long-lasting relationship destined to take you to the top with minimal efforts from your side.

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