Although we keep hearing the trademark around in everyday conversations, there is still a lot of vagueness regarding what these are and how essential they are for businesses. For a background, a trademark is one of the most precious assets any startup would own. It contributes to brand awareness and helps in putting your products and services in a class of their own.

If you use a logo or a slogan (an established phrase) to identify your business (products and services), then steps should be taken to prevent competitors from using them in the same way.

Everyday consumers are making purchasing decisions based on the trademarks and reputation of goliath brands. This is why it becomes a necessity to have a trademark; it represents your business, and its uniqueness portrays your business success.

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What does a creative and original trademark mean for your business?

In simple words, trademarks facilitate the success of businesses in certain obvious and some subtle ways, including:

  • Creating brand recognition
    Trademarks offer recognition as well as security for your brand. By trademarking your company name, its major products and your unique services, you are making your product line distinctive from all others in the market. This prevents anyone from stealing or copying your idea.
  • marketing your brand
    Online trademarks help convey the emotional and intellectual characteristics of your company and its services and products.
  • incentivizing prospective employees
    It is imperative for small businesses to preserve a reputation when using a trademark. Great talents are inclined to work with you if you have maintained a good repute. This becomes even more essential in case of an expansion. This makes having the most skilled employees form the basis of a successful operation.
  • becoming brand’s greatest asset
    The trademark of your start-up acts as a catalyst for enhancing its value as it matures. A trademark establishes your brand’s unique voice. That’s why it is integral to keep the trademark involved in all marketing strategies to aid the awareness process of the brand and bring in more customers. Once your business has attained the desired reputation for its products, your target audience will start associating it with how you run your business.

Trademarks are especially beneficial in case you want to:

  • Diversify your products.
  • Branch out into franchising.
  • Get a decent value if putting it up for sale.

Get Your Trademark Registered With Virtual Trademark Consultation

The word commonly known as the ‘brand name’ is referred to as ‘trademark’ in legal terms.

With Xtreme Technologies, your trademark can develop into one that is recognized and trusted far and wide. There are certain merits to using a trademark registration service, and here are the topmost:

Exclusive rights
  • As an owner of a registered trademark, you enjoy exclusive rights over it, which means you can deploy it for all your products presently and in the future.
  • As the sole owner of the trademark, you can stop unauthorized use of your trademark and can take legal action if you notice the other party using or misusing it.
Builds credibility
  • Everyone knows the standard of your product and services through your trademark. This definitely helps establish trust and reputation in the market. Together, these two factors are called ‘goodwill’.
Differentiates product
  • Your trademark makes it easier for consumers to find your product in a sea of similar-looking ones. Your motto or logo is seen as one that communicates the vision of your brand.
Creation of an asset
  • A registered trademark is a tangible asset and an intellectual property of a company that can be assigned, sold, franchised, or commercially contracted. The trademark process is well worth it since it gives you unlimited advantages and bodes well for the success of any brand.
    Building a business takes years of sleepless nights, which is why a registered mark is paramount for its protection. This simple process can significantly reduce risk and give worldwide priority over all others who may be hoping to adopt the registered mark.

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Get Trademark Help Online from Xtreme Technologies

While developing a trademark, you may want to do a search to see if anyone else is using the same logo or slogan. Before applying for federal trademark registration, a business needs to be sure that no one else is already using the chosen trademark.

With the best trademark service in the USA in your corner, you can rely on us to do this laborious task for you. We can help you get it registered in the shortest time possible.

You can consult with us online for your trademark process, and our team of experts will walk you through the process along with the following:

  • Advise you in IP matters

    Our team is ever ready to detail the licensing process, protect existing trademark rights, and transfer intellectual property.

  • Accurate application

    A person who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the registration process may be prone to making mistakes in the application, which will result in frustrating delays. However, you can rest easy by employing us for the process to avoid all common mistakes and extra costs.

  • Conduct trademark search

    As mentioned before, we do the search for you so that you can avoid trademark infringement. In case your chosen trademark already exists, we will help you come up with a different catchy one if you so wish.

  • Meeting deadlines

    You can focus on more crucial aspects of your business while we look after your registration process, from filing the application to all other processes until full registration is achieved.

    With Xtreme Technologies as your trademark consultancy team, your application will be filed quickly and easily with step-by-step notification throughout the process.

    Don’t have a compelling slogan, logo or catchy business mission statement?

    Our content teams will be more than happy to walk you through the best marketing experience of your business life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is trademark the same as a service mark?

    No, they are different.
    A trademark takes on many forms, such as letters or numbers, to symbols and images and is essentially the brand name that distinguishes one brand from another. Some brands do use the word service mark as a synonym though it represents a specific service offered by a company.

  • When do I need to consider trademark protection for my business?

    Right away.
    Yes, if you’re introducing a new brand, then you should take steps to protect your trademark from day 1. The proper time to get trademark protection includes launching a new business, expanding your brand, introducing a new service or product, or rebranding your business.

  • Why do I need trademark clearance?

    Businesses are strongly advised to do trademark clearance before filing an application.

    It helps in vetting out any other competitors who may be using the same trademark as the one you have chosen for yourself. It also informs you of other registered trademarks that may be a threat to your use of a trademark even if they aren’t identical. Lastly, it can bring forth insightful strategies that will enhance your likelihood of success. Simply put, it can save you a lot of time and money.

  • Why should a business register its trademark with the federal government?

    The benefits of a registered trademark are mainly protective and preventive in case of any future legal issues. Once you have formally registered your trademark, you will have proof that you are the sole owner of that mark. Getting a nationally recognized trademark also improves your chances of getting recognition worldwide.

  • Why should a business register its trademark with the federal government?

    The benefits of a registered trademark are mainly protective and preventive in case of any future legal issues. Once you have formally registered your trademark, you will have proof that you are the sole owner of that mark. Getting a nationally recognized trademark also improves your chances of getting recognition worldwide.

  • Should I use professional trademark services for filing my application?

    Yes, you definitely should!
    If you wish to save precious time and money, then it is advised to hire a professional to do the cumbersome work for you, from getting clearance to filing the application. They will be responsible for ensuring that your trademark is original and that the application filed is without any mistakes to ensure efficiency.

  • What are my chances of successful trademark registration?

    The answer to this depends on two things. First is performing the clearance to choose a mark that is distinctive, and the second is to choose a unique mark. This is the only thing standing between a successful registration since having a mark confusingly similar to something that already exists is likely to be rejected.

  • How long does the federal registration last?

    A single federal registration lasts for ten years and can be renewed without a hitch through a trusted trademark company as long as the mark is being used continuously.

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