3D Animation: A Powerful Business Marketing Tool

At XtremeTechnologies, we have experts that are skilled at video animation: the process where taking real-life 3D objects are shaped into animated and moveable objects. With the combination of stop-motion and CGI, your 3D animation videos will surely hit their goals.

3D animation is the ticket to express emotions and create stories that appeal to everyone regardless of age and gender. The animation is the binding force that brings together people from all walks of life, which was unattainable.

According to studies, the brain processes visuals at a staggering 60,000x faster than the written word. This ultimately leads to a higher retention rate of images and videos people see every day. In essence, if your business were to use 3D animation, you have a higher likelihood of gaining a permanent position in your audiences' minds than all methods combined and hence skyrocketing popularity and sales. Who doesn't want that?

Quick Statistics About Custom 2D And 3D Video Animation Services

  • Companies using 3D animation for the promotion of their brand saw an increase of 40% in sales.
  • Approximately 96% of B2B firms are planning to incorporate 3D videos in their marketing campaigns in the future.
  • 93% of current advertisers use 3D animated videos in their online communication, sales, and marketing.

But why 3D animation?

Because this is your chance to walk a less trodden path!

If you follow the same trends as your competitors, then it wouldn't offer you a robust edge. With XtremeTechnologies, you can make a killing with animated videos in the already filled to the brim marketplace.

Call us now to discuss how we can create compelling visuals with an edge!

Why Hire A 3D Video Animation Service For Your Start-up Or Agency?

Launching a start-up can be overwhelming, especially when marketing strategies involve smart planning and forethought. But this is why we are here. If you want a little shove on the success runway, then here's why 3D animation is the only way to do that:

  • Captures attention: the comic relief offered by 3D animation makes them attractive to the viewers. This universal appeal holds a significant impact when launching a new business or for its promotion.
  • Promotes engagement: imaginative concepts and CGI effects in videos evoke exceptional audience participation. They feel a more meaningful connection with your brand.
  • Reestablishes a brand: a professionally made animated video works incredibly well for promotion and creates a lasting impression in the audiences' minds. This creates individuality that becomes a symbol of your brand and amplifies uniqueness.
  • Enhances online traffic: 3D animation can be posted on various platforms, which increases conversion rates whenever visitors view it. A start-up business can take advantage of this fact no end and wow everyone with their seemingly overnight success.

Advantages Of Professional 3d Animation Services In The USA

It may seem that there's never enough to do for promoting a business while other times the efforts go overboard, but with 3D animation campaigns, there's a lot of positive outcomes to be expected within a relatively short time:

  • Convenient and quick communication
    This medium of communication offers what no other medium can; that's a quick view of an organization or service or what a product looks like inside and out. This method grabs attention at a drastically faster rate by helping them visualize what is being communicated.
  • Details are at the forefront.
    Our creative 3D animators are at your disposal, bringing you the best benefits of your investment and their efforts. With the unlimited capabilities of technology and our human skills, the images produced show products with precision highlighting every aspect of a product at every angle.
  • Design before production
    A 3D design of your product can help you imagine what it will look like so that the kinks are knocked out before manufacturing. This minimizes trial and error, saving you a significant amount in trial and error.
  • Business image enhanced
    Using 2D animation along with 3D videos makes your business look organized and sophisticated. It is a reflection of your work ethics and values, which makes it easier for a potential consumer to understand your product when shown to them in 3D.
The Animation Production Process At Xtreme Technologies

It's quite common to wonder what goes on behind the scene to better understand the process. You can discover the magic that our trained team is eager to create for you by following along the below steps involved in animation creation.

The Workflow of 2D Animation

Animation takes intense concentration and skill, making it a complicated process beyond the common person's comprehension. The main steps that follow are Storyboard, Audio, Animatic, and Layout.

  • A storyboard is made by writing out the script for the animation. Our expert designers sketch a rough draft of the drawings, and at the end, the storyboard resembles a comic strip.
  • Next comes the audio recording, done by a voice-over artist that includes all the dialogues and other noises like grunts and sighs.
  • The characters are then detailed and designed using a model sheet. The end result is the final design that is going to be used in your animation.
  • In the Layout step, background artists finalize what camera angles, shading, and lighting will be used for each particular scene. These completed drawings are then combined with the storyboard and audio to create a second animatic. It is then reviewed for approval by the clients, and changes are made if needed.

Tada! Your 2D animation is created.

The Workflow of 3D Animation

3D animation involves explainer videos along with promotional or introductory, depending on your requirements. Explainer videos can be fantastic tools for showcasing abstract or difficult to describe physical products.

The 3D animation process is quite complex and involves the following steps:

  • Concept and storyboard: translating an idea into an image.
  • 3D modeling: an object is molded into a shape called a 3D mesh.
  • Texturing: this involves clothing the 3D models meaning adding color, designs, and textures.
  • Rigging and skinning: skeletons are added in 3D characters so they can move.
  • Animation: making a 3D object move.
  • Lighting: using camera angles and textures in a way to give life to the scene.
  • Camera angles and techniques: unrestricted angles can be taken to bring forth the preferred one.
  • Rendering: graphics are made and exported.
  • Compositing and Special FX: final editing is done along with touch-ups and adds on special effects.
  • Music: sound effects are added to give extra depth.
  • Editing and the final output: the end!

This where all the efforts are compiled and are ready for broadcast if approved.

Head To Xtreme Technologies For Custom 2D And 3D Video Animation Services

As experts of CGI, we are aware of the unique requirements that go into producing a 3D video. We know the stakes and the hurdles that may arise with the provided manufacturing or geological data. But rest assured, our professional video artists draft 3D animations within the deadline so that any editing can be done timely. These are exciting times, and we will breathe life into your company messages allowing you to stand apart from your competitors.

Let us manifest your company image into visuals so that you're forever ahead in the market.

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