Surprising Benefits of SMS Marketing to Your Business

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Published on: June 11, 2021

Have you ever thought of SMS marketing? What is SMS marketing? Well, it is a somewhat hidden gem in the advertising world. It sounds fancy and even mysterious.

But sometimes, it’s not mysterious at all. So we are living in a mobile-focused world. And SMS marketing is a crucial part of getting your business’s name out there. Several brands use SMS every single day. SMS (or Short Message Service) is yet another word for texting. And texting is just as important to marketing as social media or brochures.

  • Because there is essentially no SMS spam, text message marketing enjoys a 93 percent open rate.
  • Within 3-4 minutes, 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened. As a result, it makes it easier for a brand to establish popularity.
  • SMS texts are compatible with all devices and carriers. Its marketing has an unrivaled degree of engagement.
  • SMS marketing messages are mixed in with all of your other crucial daily SMS updates.
  • Last but not least, you may include things like links and clicks to call phone numbers in your text messages, making it easier to track their success.

The benefits of SMS marketing make it an excellent choice for any business looking to reach its customers.

There are several advantages to employing SMS Marketing for any business. Many firms continue to underutilize and neglect them.

The Perks Of SMS Marketing

1) Build Loyal Customers

SMS marketing is an excellent way to engage and retain consumers. When you feel the need, provide your consumer's promotions and information about your business. This helps your customers/clients feel valued by placing them at the forefront of your industry. The more you give, the more you will receive.

2) Increase Word-of-mouth

What do you know about word-of-mouth marketing? SMS may be used to engage current clients and generate new business for your organization. If you have something valuable to give your clients, they will tell their family, friends, and coworkers about it.  However, word of mouth is a potent weapon, but SMS facilitates this by allowing for quick communication.

3) Improve Communication

How SMS marketing improves communication? What do you think? Communication is essential in developing any long-term connection. When it comes to strengtheninsg these ties, SMS marketing may be beneficial. SMS is a direct message from you to your target audience. Let them in on the hidden deal, send a short thank-you note after purchase, notify them of any sales/promotional offers, inform them when their delivery is ready, and so on. SMS Marketing is a simple, quick, and dependable method of communicating with all of your clients.

4) Higher Open Rate Than Emails

Do you know the most prominent advantage of SMS marketing campaigns? One of the most important advantages of SMS marketing campaigns is that texts are opened up to 98 percent of the time by your clients. As a result, SMS has a greater open rate than any other advertising medium.

Emails may easily be lost in a spam folder, and a client can easily toss away a leaflet picked up at the mall. Text marketing, however, does not go unnoticed given the availability of mobile phones and the popularity of texting.

Most of the time, your clients will open the material and read it.

Try SMSing if you want to reach out to your consumers more routinely.

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5) Reach a Wide Demographic

Because so many individuals now own cell phones and other mobile devices, the benefits of SMS marketing can broaden your client demography. SMS marketing gets everyone instead of relying on a single marketing tactic that may only reach a subset of your target audience. They can appreciate the messages you give them as long as they have a mobile device that can receive SMS. Furthermore, the more you interact with your consumers, the more you become a part of their universe.

With that type of grip, more people will buy your goods or services.

SMS marketing campaign does not have to be a standalone component of advertising. You can utilize it in conjunction with your other marketing efforts. It can provide clients with a quick and easy way to connect with your message.

Use it to pique the attention of your customers on your social media. Offer a discount to anybody who purchases from your online store. Do you want to publicize a new product?

Send an SMS to that effect.

Have you got any questions? Do you want to know more? Another most significant advantage of SMS in business is that receiving a text message does not even require internet connections; simply having a functional phone is sufficient. With the increased use of smartphones, SMS marketing is nothing short of a goldmine. Businesses may use the ability to contact clients directly at their fingertips, giving them the benefit of reaching a broader target audience.

6) Fast Delivery

Do you make fast delivery through your marketing campaigns? When it comes to SMSing, there is hardly any wait time. You can be guaranteed that your consumers will receive your message as soon as you push the send button.

The advantages of SMS marketing show through here since this type of promotion takes minimum preparation time. There are no materials to collect or printings to order. There are no projects to finish or persons to contact.

All you have to do is create your message and distribute it to your clients. And, because we already know that texts are considerably more likely to be opened than emails, you can be confident that your essential news will reach your clients as soon as possible.

7) Strengthens Customer Engagement

SMSing allows you to do more than connect with your consumers. It might also provide a channel for your consumers to interact with you.

However customer engagement gives consumers the impression that your company is more approachable. It makes your company more of a part of their life rather than simply "that one store I go to occasionally." Instead, you're there on their phone, pushing them to remember you.

8) Give Your Customers an Option

Do you want to attract more clients? Giving your clients a choice is always a smart idea. It's fantastic to send out mass text messages to your consumers, informing them of the newest developments in your organization. Allow your consumers to choose whether or not to opt-in, and they will feel more at ease with your company as a whole.

Furthermore, observing how many consumers opt-in to those updates might provide you with data that you can then utilize for future marketing tactics.

9) Versatile, Flexible and Customizable

One of the most significant advantages of SMS marketing is its versatility. Text messages may be mixed and matched to coincide with various items to help market your business.

SMS may be used to advertise a sale, provide a short discount, thank loyal customers, advertise a new product, provide news, and much more.

It's an excellent tool for any business, large or small.

10) SMS Marketing is Cost-Effective

Sending a text message to a consumer is inexpensive. Even when transmitting to a large number of individuals, the cost is not an issue. Compared to other marketing choices, such as purchasing a Facebook ad spot, it is often far more economical.

As a result, SMS marketing is an excellent alternative for all organizations.

Especially for firms that are just getting started and want to start advertising without spending too much money all at once.

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11) It’s Easy and Simple

SMS Marketing allows firms to communicate with their consumers simply and straightforwardly. It doesn't get much easier than sending a text message. However, the problem for marketers is to conduct an exciting dialogue while confined to roughly 160 characters at a time. Short communications with incentive competitions, coupon redemption, opt-in surveys, and polls assist in taking the dialogue forward. Add your SMS number or a shortcode to your direct mail, email, website, and social media sites. This is a tried-and-true method of getting customers to sign up for your SMS marketing campaigns.

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12) Better Conversion Rate

Do you want to maximize your conversion rate? Are you looking for strategies? Despite the widespread use of instant messaging apps, the benefits of SMS in business are numerous. SMS, for example, still has a higher conversion rate than all of its new-age competitors. People are more likely to visit your business and take advantage of promotions or deals offered via SMS than through any other marketing solution.

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Wrapping Up

Are you planning to start SMS marketing? Do you have the software?  Using a CRM in conjunction with SMS marketing software gives you an extra and direct point of contact with potential consumers. However, it allows you to reach out to them quickly and simply. This is an essential component of lead nurturing. Moreover, it may greatly improve the effectiveness of your messages throughout the customer sales experience.

Are you looking for expert advice? Do you want to know more about CRM?

A CRM that includes intelligent workflows and sophisticated marketing automation will also enable you to automate aspects of your sales process. These processes include automatic SMS messaging throughout the customer sales experience.


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