How Does Poor Website Hosting Affect Your SEO Performance?

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Published on: October 19, 2022

If you have ever done SEO ranking for your business, then you know how important SEO is to increase the speed and performance of your website. Now the question is, "Does web hosting affect your website's SEO performance?" Yes, the best website hosting services profoundly impact your search engine rankings. So, let's know how a web host can affect your SEO.

What Is Website Hosting?

Site hosting facilitates permitting organizations and computerized advertisers to save pertinent records (e.g., pictures, code, scripts, and so forth) and issues their sites. Fundamentally, site-facilitating organizations lease space on their web servers to you. Site facilitating is basically dealing with your site records on a host PC that permits clients to get to your documents.

When your site documents are transferred and distributed on these servers, they can be seen by essentially anybody on the web. At the point when a webpage guest goes to your site, their program downloads your documents and shows your site as you have planned it. Web servers make this interaction possible - powerful PCs equipped for interfacing web clients with your distributed website. Your site facilitating administrations incorporate the space designated for your webpage's documents, network, record assurance, and other related administrations expected to distribute and keep up with your site.

Website Hosting Affects

Looking at the experience of Google Pages, what can infer that bad hosting can seriously damage your website's SEO? Look at its potential negative effects, and you can guess that most of them involve user experience (UX). Let's find out:


1.     Slow Loading Times

Website speed refers to how fast (or slow) your website page loads on browsers. If you go for cheap hosting solutions, it usually has less bandwidth, and it can take a long time for the page to load. This loading delay frustrates users and causes them to bounce your page, making Google think your site isn't worth ranking.

This lag can sometimes be caused by servers hosting many websites. Many of the best website hosting companies do not allow multiple sites to be hosted on a single server at once. If you want to avoid downtime, you can contact a good website hosting or perhaps a self-hosting website.


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2.     Shared Hosting with Unscrupulous Owners

Today's best website hosting companies do not allow scammers and spammers as clients. But many low-cost hosting providers do. Shared hosting or hosting multiple websites on a shared server means that you are compromising the quality of the hosting and the security of your site.

There are two main disadvantages of shared hosting or shared hosting: First, your website data can be stolen or lost because you share your server with the wrong sites. Second, it lowers your rankings and authority, such as site speed and reliability. For these reasons, Google prefers websites hosted on these shared servers. So avoid this huge loss due to lack of cost.


3.     Server Downtimes

An offline or unavailable website is worse than a slow site. Imagine one of your customers visiting your e-commerce store to buy an important item only to find that it is temporarily closed, unable to provide shoppers with what they need. There is a need.

Poor customer service increases your website's bounce rate. Another is the percentage of users who leave your website after visiting one page, causing you to lose customers and sales opportunities. Also, if your site experiences significant downtimes, Google will lower your rankings due to these fundamental constraints.


4.     Internal Server Errors

Browsers have difficulty accessing your site's files if the internal server is down. It means your site is experiencing database connection issues. It happens when your site's content goes viral, and many people try to access it. So your hosting provider cannot handle the large volume of connection requests.

Google often reports database connection errors and doesn't consider your site valid, which increases the chances of your ranking dropping. Many Dallas SEO companies provide complete SEO services with reliable website hosting to help businesses boost their online presence.



It has become critical to rank higher on search engines in this competitive business environment, especially for keywords with heavy competition. The quality of your web hosting service is directly tied to the success of your website or online business. There are a lot of techniques that can boost your website's SEO performance.

There are many methods for locating a reputable and dependable web hosting service. You can protect your site from risks like security vulnerabilities, outages, and slow loading times. Note that page experience includes signals and metrics from previous updates. When considering website building and hosting services, consider factors such as mobile friendliness, Core Web Vitals, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification.

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