11 Ways to Grow Your Small Business through Blogging

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Published on: July 26, 2021

Want to grow your small business via blogging, if you're composing blog posts. Nobody wants to perform in a room that is empty! Of course, ranking high in search engines by doing your SEO flawlessly will help. But there's more you can do! In this post, we will provide you with many blog marketing tips to ensure that your audience grows and continues to grow!

1) Start with a Mission

Marketing is concerned with increasing the number of people familiar with and like your company, products, and brand. To be a marketing success, you should choose marketing techniques that align with the mission of your website. And, of course, you must first define your website's mission and come up with a solid digital marketing plan! Once you've determined your mission and what distinguishes your company or website, ensure it's always reflected in your marketing content.

2) Marketing Should Also Be Consistent With Your Brand.

Branding is the visual or verbal representation of your company to the outside world. So ensure to hire a reliable small business branding service. Your branding could even be in the way you manufacture your goods. Perhaps you want your brand to be trendy and youthful. Maybe you'd prefer to come across as traditional and solid. It's entirely up to you; just make sure you're consistent. Branding is a matter of personal preference, and it should, above all, reflect your mission.

3) Learn About Your Target Audience.

Finding out who your target audience is is an essential step in marketing. Who are my guests? What country are they from? How are they currently interacting with my blog posts? Various types of research can be conducted to answer these questions. Google Analytics may provide you with helpful information. Also, how about conducting a poll? It is much easier to reach out to your target audience on social media once you have a clear picture of who they are.

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4) Think About New Audiences!

Now that you have a better understanding of your current audience, does it include the people you want to reach? How could you broaden it? Have you considered all of the possible audiences you could reach with your website?

It will be easier to identify growth opportunities if you consider your audience. For example, your current audience may be tiny, but it's precisely the type of people you want on your website. Your next growth question would be, "Where can I find more of these people?" It's also possible that your current and desired audiences aren't quite the same. Your next growth question would be, "Where can I find my new audience?"

5) Find The Right Platforms For Online Marketing.

It is critical to have a clear vision of the people you want to reach before moving forward with your marketing efforts. For example, trying to reach out to an audience of hip teenagers on Facebook is typically not a good marketing strategy. Neither is attempting to reach out to an audience of older retirees on Instagram. Your posts' content and the social networking channel you use should be tailored to the audience you want to reach.

Think about sending out a newsletter in addition to focusing on social media. That's a wonderful way to stay in touch with your audience and send them on-brand content regularly, so you'll remain top of mind. You may not have everyone in your audience subscribe, but those who do will be very interested.

Do you have the option of contacting a blog in a similar niche to yours and offering a guest post? This could be an excellent opportunity to reach a larger audience while also expanding your network. Sending low-quality guest posts to every random blog you could perhaps find is not a great way to advertise and will not help you. However, if you can write an excellent post for another blog that reaches a (larger) audience that you'd like to reach, go for it!

6) Leverage Search Engine Marketing

Focusing on organic SEO will help your blog promotion and eventually lead to more visitors to your website. However, if you are a novice to SEO, it may take some time to improve your organic rankings on SERPs. Meanwhile, you can pay to have your content appear at the top of search results pages. In addition, you can pay to show up in front of audiences and draw readers back to your blog through using search engine marketing (SEM) and pay per click marketing (PPC) campaigns.

7) Actively Guest Post

There is another way to use influencers to promote your blog. This strategy entails guest posting on other blogs. While it may appear counterintuitive, publishing posts on other sites can help you promote your blog. When you publish content on other websites similar to yours, you gain access to their existing audience. This allows you to connect with new readers and drive traffic to a website. Always try to include a link back to the website in your author bio or article content when guest posting.

8) Create Crave-Worthy Content

You must keep your audience happy and engaged so that they will not only stay but also return for more. Creating quality content is about more than just showcasing your abilities; it is about assisting your audience is growing, generating new leaders, spreading brand awareness, and building brand perception.

You accomplish this by keeping it fresh. Trying to keep things interesting. By constantly attempting to provide something new and dynamic that piques your readers' interest.

9) Build Engagement

Your content must be easily scannable to be engaging. Writing that is simple to understand in a clear, easy-to-read format will keep your reader interested regardless of length.

The good news? This is extremely simple. Here are some pointers:
  • Make your paragraphs as short as possible. Don't turn off your readers with long, uninterrupted paragraphs.
  • Make use of subheadings. Using subheadings, divide your information into sections.
  • Make use of visual aids. Make your content more interesting by including high-quality visuals.
  • Emphasize important points. On crucial data, use a bolded or underlined font.
  • Use legible fonts. Use standard fonts like Verdana, Arial, or Times Roman. Your font should be at least 12px in size or larger (use 16px or above if you have an older audience).

10) Get Social Media Savvy

When it comes to promoting your blog, social media is your best friend. Why? Because it is quick, effective, and widely used. It's easily your most important marketing tool, and it's a surefire way to reach the right people quickly.

So, what should you be doing to make the most of social media? Make your social media presence of your pages stand out. Make sure to include a link to your website. Add social media follow buttons to your website in a visible location.

Post on social media regularly. Maintain a consistent presence on your social channels by posting high-quality, valuable content. Use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind to schedule your posts. Make a point of concentrating your efforts on the channels where your ideal readers can be found.

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11) Get Networking

The reason for networking is straightforward: it all comes down to who you know. Extending your circle is critical if you want to grow your small business. Make yourself visible and audible. If you can learn to leverage your network, your traffic will skyrocket.

Examples of the Advantages of Making Friends with Your Fellow Bloggers:

  • When your friend’s blog about something related to what you're selling, they may link to or mention your blog. Result? A backlink equals more clicks, which is suitable for search engines.
  • They would be delighted to assist you with future projects. In addition, they can help you with promotion, feedback, and other tasks.
  • You could be invited to events or work with them to bring new readers to your blog.

In a nutshell, you support one another's development. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but here are a few examples:

  • Leave comments on their blog or social media posts to communicate. Not only will their followers be drawn back to your blog or account as a result of your comments, but it also shows support for the blogger and encourages them to do the same for you.
  • Guest post. You are immediately exposed to a whole new group of readers who will be derived to your blog if they enjoy what they read. It's also possible that the blogger will share the post on social media, tagging you in it.
  • Create your very own Facebook group. Facebook groups are excellent for assisting other bloggers in your niche. This could include travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, or even bloggers from your city. Promote it through a paid ad and watch as the group grows. You can then allow people to share their posts and any blogger events that are of interest to them.
  • Collaborate with others. Participate in interviews, be featured on podcasts, be mentioned in round-up posts, and develop creative ways to form exciting partnerships with complementary bloggers.

Wrapping Up


Creating a blog marketing strategy by Dallas SEO Experts to go along with your SEO strategy aids in the growth of your blog's audience. So, get to know your company and your target market! Keep in mind that growth does not imply more money. If you want to make money from your blog, there are numerous options available to you. However, marketing your blog with these tips will undoubtedly assist you in finding your voice and an audience eager to hear what you have to say!


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