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Published on: November 05, 2021

Okay, everyone has been gossiping and discussing the recent Facebook announcement of changing its name to Meta. What's the hype? As per the announcement, Facebook plans to emphasize virtual reality and the "metaverse" thing. Curious to know what's happing next? Why Facebook changes its name? Well, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Facebook rebranding. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin. Here are three things for you. This will help you grab the idea.

  • Facebook has renamed "Meta" to better coincide with its goals of creating the "Facebook metaverse."
  • Although the metaverse is still not a reality, it may be the next step in the industry's evolution.
  • The concept is that "extended reality" — a blend of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality – would become a popular social and economic interaction mode.

There are a variety of questions that are raising about this metaverse strategic plan. The first and most fundamental question is, what is a metaverse, and how will Fb's version of one look? Here you will get all the answers.

Facebook is Rebranding to Facebook Metaverse

CEO of Facebook revealed on Thursday (Oct. 28) that Mark Zukerberg Facebook name is changing. Meta Platforms Inc. is the new name for what was previously known as Facebook Inc., the parent corporation behind the eponymous application, and Insta, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the virtual reality startup Oculus.

The move is a homage to the Facebook metaverse, a seamless next-generation internet that relies primarily on virtual reality technologies. For example, rather than browsing or exchanging messages online, you might engage with virtual copies of real human beings, places, and stores, making you feel as if you were there in person. What's more than this fantastic and thrilling experience? You can feel that you are physically meeting someone. Isn't it amazing? Well, it is. I understand that in this fast-paced world, it is tough to meet your friends and family. But now, through virtual reality, you can meet them while sitting at home. You will experience as if you are meeting them in person. Are you excited? Well, we are all waiting for this remarkable change.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company's founder, revealed that Facebook focus is shifting at the firm's AR/VR-focused Connect event, news, and media, saying that the new name expressed so much of the firm's vision and corporate dogma.

“To reflect who we are and what we hope to build, I am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now Meta. Our mission remains the same — it’s still about bringing people together. Our apps and our brands — they’re not changing either,” Zuckerberg said. “From now on, we’re going to be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first.”


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VR/AR Experience

So, let me share my experience. At a VR lab near my home, I get to play with most of the best toys, trying to figure out what is a challenging task or an opportunity and what is a letdown hoping to be untangled. 3D is an excellent case study. In a past life, I worked with 3D TV for the first time in 1995, using an initial set of sliding glasses and a PC display. It confronted the chicken and egg thing back then, with no TVs and no material. Which might come first, if any?

I recall seeing the first 3D video in 2000. It was wonderful, had a high frame rate, and was of excellent quality, but it wasn't convincing. Even after the 3D TV/content stalemate was cracked in 2010, I still didn't find that interesting.

I recall seeing the first Virtual Reality clip at CES in Feb 2014. My responses were complete opposites. The very first VR video I could see was pixilated, blurry, and twitchy. And it was amazingly engrossing. I was sucked in.

A lot of peoples, digital marketing and PPC marketing services are excited for VR and metaverse thing in Facebook. But they don’t have much experience.

Markzukerberg News of Facebook rebranding has made many people talk about virtual reality; they "get it" in their minds. You could see a video playing and take a glance around. And wearing a headset can make you look stupid. However, you won't truly understand it until you've experienced quality content in a great headset. So it’s better if you experience using it so that you will be competent when Facebook transforms into metaverse.

mark zuckerberg news

Metaverse Becoming a Tech Buzzword

This year, the word "Facebook metaverse" seems to have become a digital buzzword, with traders and individuals eager to be a part of the next great challenge. On the other hand, users have been spending time in these rapidly increasing but mysterious virtual worlds for years.

The term "metaverse" is gradually gaining popularity in the fields of technology and business. But what is this concept all about? What is the idea behind metaverse? Last night I was going through a blog, and I came across the term Mark Zuckerberg metaverse. Now, what does it mean?

The phrase can apply to digital settings that have been enhanced with virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).

Some individuals also use the term metaverse to refer to virtual worlds wherein the gamers can roam around and connect with other players.

There's also a sort of metaverse that makes use of blockchain technology. For example, users can use cryptocurrency to purchase online land and other digital products.

Do you watch a sci-fi film?

Many science fiction stories and movies are set in full-fledged metaverses. However, these metaverses are alternate digital worlds that are unrecognizable from the actual ones. Though, this is still a work of fiction. Most virtual spaces presently resemble the interior of a video game rather than everyday life.


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What I Can Do with Facebook Metaverse?

Want to visit your favorite place? Or attend an online concert? Well, this is all possible with metaverse. Isn't it thrilling? It's a real big thing.

Things like attending an online concert, taking an online trip to your favorite place, viewing or creating artwork, and trying on or purchasing digital apparel.

The metaverse might also be a real game-changer for the work-from-home shift in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Employees can meet colleagues in a remote workforce rather than seeing them on a video call grid.

Do you want to experience virtual reality? Or Facebook metaverse?

Users who can afford it would have been allowed to flit among virtual worlds established by different corporations using their avatars.

"A lot of the metaverse experience is going to be around being able to teleport from one experience to another," Zuckerberg says.

It may appear to be a more advanced version of Virtual Reality (VR) to the untrained eye, yet some believe the metaverse is the internet's future.

Indeed, it is thought that it might be to VR what the present smartphone is to the 1980s' cumbersome mobile phones.

Instead of using a computer, you may use a headset to visit a virtual world that connects many digital worlds in the metaverse.

Unlike existing VR, which is primarily utilized for gaming, this virtual environment might be used for anything - work, play, concerts, movie trips, or simply hanging out.


What’s the Hype of Facebook Metaverse?


Major technology companies such as FB, MSFT, and NVIDIA praise and focus on the "metaverse" as the next generation of online interaction. But, will the concept indeed jump from the pages of sci fi, or is it all just advertising bluster? So, what do you think?

There are numerous indications that you will soon be spending a significant portion of your time in this alternate reality. Hollywood films such as 2018's "Ready Player One" and this year's "Free Guy" offer fantastical interpretations of the rapidly growing phenomenon. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is bracing for its eventual arrival, with several companies planning ahead of time.

Analysts say that the true metaverse is still a long way off, notwithstanding the corporate positioning and frenzied media coverage. They mention other failed ventures, including Second Life, which launched nearly 20 years ago.

"This stuff is years, if not decades, away," IDC analyst Tom Mainelli said. "But at the same time, if we don't start having conversations about this as an industry, then the pieces don't get built."

Is it just marketing hype? Or is it something nig coming up?

According to Gartner's Nguyen, the metaverse has been mostly marketing hype right now. It is intended to demonstrate that a business is cutting-edge and has advanced technologies in mind.

According to Nguyen, it's similar to a few years ago, while every tech company boasted about its artificial intelligence prowess.

"The metaverse is the flavor du jour," he explained. "There are far too many vendors who are metaverse-washing. It's like the latest fad."

Is Facebook Transforming Entirely Into Metaverse?

What's the real game behind metaverse? Indeed, Zuckerberg is betting big on what he perceives as another generation of the web because he believes it will play a significant role in the digital age. He believes that people will begin to see Fb as a metaverse company in the years ahead instead of a social media company.

So do you know what other aspects of digital life it is going to incorporate? According to Victoria Petrock, a top-class analyst, metaverse will add shopping and social media.

"It's the next evolution of connectivity where all of those things start to come together in a seamless, doppelganger universe, so you're living your virtual life the same way you're living your physical life," she said.

What is Horizon Home?

Meta's massive pitch for the metaverse world. When wearing a Quest VR headset, customers view Horizon Home. Meta has unveiled its latest Horizon Home, which it refers to as "another social platform." The idea is that you and your friends wearing similar VR headsets will communicate in a virtual world. This augments a platform that already involves Horizon Worlds, which was initiated as an invite-only beta. Horizon Workrooms for teleworking and virtual offices, and Arenas, the entrance to virtual concerts, parties, and other events. So, isn't it exciting? Well, it is. Everyone is waiting for the launch. Finally, we might enter into a new world. This might bring something magical. Isn't it?

Because of the features and news, everyone is creating hype. Mark’s Facebook has also announced that the Chat app for VR headsets will now support audio calls in VR afterward this year. In addition, meta will likely start checking a Quest for a Business suite that would use the Quest 2 headset to enable remote workers to connect their official sources, work collaboratively with coworkers, and connect productivity apps such as Horizon Workrooms directly. SO now there isn't a hurry about work. You don't need to attend those boring meetings. You will have a virtual workplace where you can meet. Meetings will be more productive, and you will learn a lot.

Why This Sudden Hype of Facebook Metaverse?

There is a lot of buzz about virtual worlds and augmented reality every few years, but it quickly fades.

However, big investors and massive technology companies are very excited about the metaverse. No one wishes to be left behind if it starts turning out to be the game changer of the internet.

There's also a sense that technology is almost there for the very first time, with developments in VR gaming and communication approaching what might be required.

Why is Facebook Investing in VR?

Many individuals and social media marketing companies are asking this question. So, here I have the answer for you. I hope that this answer will address your questions. If, not then let me know in the comments section.

Okay, so let's dive in.

According to some analysts, it has made significant investments in virtual reality through the Oculus headsets, making them less expensive than competitors - possibly even at a loss.

It's also developing VR apps for social gatherings and the workforce, such as those dealing with the real world. Notwithstanding the history of acquiring rivals, Facebook claims that the metaverse "will not be built overnight by a single company" and has pledged to work collaboratively.

It made investments of $50 million (£36.3 million) in non-profit organizations to help "construct the metaverse sensibly."

However, it believes that the genuine metaverse concept will keep taking another 10 to 15 years.

mark zuckerberg metaverse

What Mark Zuckerberg Said for his Metaverse’s Plan?

I have some opinions about the possibility of Facebook making some changes, but those would have to wait. There would be a far more growing emphasis to follow, which Zuckerberg said about metaverse and why everyone should pay heed to this.

Here are some of the statements from Facebook’s owner.  

"This is not the way we are meant to use technology."

The way Zuckerberg starts to feel about how innovation should be used is perhaps the most insightful component of the metaverse as per Facebook. Throughout his keynote, he clarified it as follows: "Now we're in 2021, and all of our gadgets are still designed around apps rather than people. The interactions we are permitted to create and use are more closely regulated than ever before. Increased taxes on emerging innovations are also suffocating. This was not how we were supposed to use technology."

"The dream was to feel present with the people we care about."

Zuckerberg shared a story about how his vision was to create products that would allow people to "feel present with the people we love and value." This is significant for two reasons. The first distinction is that "to be present" is not synonymous with "feeling present." I believe that the former is much more significant in developing genuine connections with the people you love.

"Immersive all-day experiences."

As he described the technology required for the metaverse to function, Zuckerberg mentioned holograms, camcorders, processors, and detectors "to plot the universe around you." But when Zuckerberg explains the purpose for all of that innovation, he tends to give away the game: "Immersive, all-day experiences will necessitate a lot of technological solutions."

Who Else Is Curious About This Big Thing Metaverse?
So, who’s curious about facebook’s company’s new name?

Mr. Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games (the company behind Fortnite), has known his desire to create a metaverse throughout the world.

Shared interactive worlds have existed in the multiplayer online game for years. They are not always the metaverse, but they share some concepts.

Fortnite has started expanding its product, planning to host live shows, brand events, and other events within its online realm. Many were wowed by what was feasible, and Mr. Sweeney's perspective of the metaverse was put in that position.

Who Is Not Happy With Facebook Rebranding?

After all the hype, there are some individuals not love the concept. How are they? Early investors of the metaverse, or interactive experiences, critiqued Facebook's rebranding as an attempt to make money on the increasing buzz about a concept that it did not produce.

This year, the phrase "metaverse" is becoming a tech buzzword, with businesses and investment firms eager to be a part of another big thing. However, users have been spending quality time in these rapidly growing but disguised virtual worlds for decades.

So are you happy about the new fb name? Let us know in the comments.


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