The Best 8 Graphic Design Trends For 2021

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Published on: March 18, 2021

Graphic designing requires changes all the time to remain trendy. They keep finding new ways and techniques to entertain their audience through beautiful and innovative work. For instance, they are following some catchy trends currently. XtremeTechnologies is offering informative and authentic content in this regard. Let me elaborate on some top graphic design trends of them.


1) Elements of Nature

Due to pandemics, people are bound to remain at home, and they experienced a long and irritating distance from nature. Their psychology kept demanding to take a breath in the fresh air, but they were bound. That is why Graphic designers are using elements of nature, including leaves and flowers, patterns, earth-tone colors, and landscape illustrations. In short, they are going green with graphic design trends in 2021. They know the strong desires of people to spend their time in green spaces. So they presented green in their pictures to soothe their feelings. That is why this kind of visuals took great appreciation from the masses throughout the year.


2) Authentic Representation

This trend is against the systematic prejudice of black lives. This art shows that their lives also matter, and this is the movement represents an unprecedented watershed moment of global protest. This is considered the begging of the reexamination of that systematic prejudice in 2021. Designers portrait their creativity through meaningful messaging to present their more inclusive future. They showcase the diversity of content while inspiring and encouraging people of all backgrounds through positive change.


3) Dynamics in Fine Art Infusion

According to trendy ways, people are more sensitive towards the world's condition, either environmental or political. They like to see the animations related to politics in the forms of meaningful content. That is why the memes’ culture is setting new records. Moreover, people like to see the dynamics in the brands’ offering and in its marketing campaign. Like, you have observed that 3D is a highly practiced way to demonstrate your product's features in marketing. You have to elaborate your product from all possible dimensions to make it easier to understand and use. Graphic designers prefer a mix of acrylic brushstrokes with abstract expressionism. They are going with old-world elegance again.


4) Retro Futurism

After a considerable lockdown, people are free again. They want to feel futuristic freedom in every possible way. That is why they are arranging parties and picnics to normalize the psychological condition again. Same as graphic design trends are showcasing the freedom of the future in their work by adding eye-popping color-schemes and lively font with captivating presentations. This kind of content is highly liked by the majority currently. You need to add an optimistic approach to your designs while showing innovation in them. Moreover, you can go with playfulness as well while adding a calculated and decent humor factor in your work in a light mood. This activity increases the worth of your work by adding vibrant patterns. You can uplift your brands’ reputation through creative ideas related to robotics etc.


5) Comics and Pop Art

Designers prefer grainy colors, the heavy inking, and the action line of vintage comics. For instance, they are going with flat designs through grainy texture and depth. Moreover, they utilize slanting panels and skewed shapes to create a sense of drama and emotions. Comics have taken place in pandemic vastly including doctors as superman and Marvel. Status quo trends truly inspire this style. It follows texture and illustration techniques of graphic novels to rescue modern design with trends.


6) Socially Conscious Graphic Designs

In 2021 people are seeking more authentic and meaningful messages than an empty marketing campaign. That is why you have also observed that almost all brands are preferring to highlight different kinds of meaningful messages in their marketing campaign, including health, the importance of persons' presence, and a caring attitude towards mankind. These are trendy signs and actions that must be in your graphic content to appeal to your audience in a targeted way, such as mask designing.


7) A Bit Messy or Imperfect

A world is not perfect, and no one is perfect in this world either. This feeling has taken hype in lockdown due to various kinds of crises, including health, economy, and relationships. People are more sensitive than ever. The changing environment and its requirement affect their psychology, and they go to like imperfection more than perfection after realizing the phenomenon of mortality. Now they know how unrealistic and silly things around them are, so graphic designers are presenting things and brand messages according to their psychological demands and avoiding perfectionism. Like, you can notice the font size differences and a bit messy font. Moreover, they are using messy backgrounds as well to mapping the audience's mind. They put the real message in between the imperfect canvas, so the viewer pays attention to that message.


8) Seamless Surrealism and Blurry Background

This is the trendy way of designing where one object is dependent on another to make sense. This ko9nd of messaging is not realistic but is liked by people to see things in a totally different way. People feel the message more deeply in the type of presentation because it does not tell things straight but in an indirect way. In this technique, designers express their anxiety to take characters and objects out of context. They convey the message with innovative attributes to showcase their creativity. Their concept approach follows the illusion and mostly present on posters, album art, and book covers.

They are using blurry and blended backgrounds. This has become a popular trend. Designers look veer off on a new tangent. Also, they add a grain filter to showcase the real-to-touch feeling. They blend unusual colors with intense blur to show their creativity with grainy textures. This technique is used to increase the emphasis on a particular object. Designers use elements, including bold typography or evocative imagery.

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Graphic designers keep experiencing new things to entertain the marketing trends and uplift the brands’ reputation through their creative ideas. I hope this blog will help you to know the trendiest ways in 2021.


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