10 Best SEO Courses and Online SEO Classes in New York City


Published on: April 17, 2024

Introduction:   Would you like to pursue a career in SEO but not sure where to start? This is where you want to be. Here is a detailed list of SEO courses providing Institutes in New York along with the course syllabus, fee and length. The rise of digital marketing innovations has boosted the relevance of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). The importance of making effective use of successful SEO practices to improve the online whereabouts and reach is realized by businesses more and more.    A proper SEO practices can make a lot of difference to your business online life as google often rank websites that have relevant keywords in the first 5 organic search results. Hence, the need for businesses to gain proficiency in SEO techniques is very essential as they pursue success in the digital world. Brands use social media channels and search engines every day to communicate with their target audience and grow their reach.    This calls for the use of inexpensive while effective strategies with SEO top the list of tools adopted by all businesses of all types. When seeking SEO job opportunities in New York City, it’s important to know that most positions offer remote work options which means that professionals can work from anywhere.  

SEO Mastery Class

Top NYC SEO Training Courses

1. Simplilearn:

Simplilearn, being the world leader online bootcamp for digital economy skills training, offers SEO courses and certification training in New York City. Developed with an emphasis on improving long-term growth through professional SEO skills, participants will learn aspects of SEO that includes keyword research, technical SEO, link building, and analytics.   Take your online presence to the next level with our SEO Automotive service. Begin today and hasten your digital achievements!  

2. New York SEO Training Academy:

A new member to the Search Engine Academy, the New York SEO Training Academy offers the best SEO Training and Digital Marketing Courses. Capacitated by Steve Scott, an experienced professional in the sphere, the academy holds 2-Day SEO Basics, 3-Day SEO Advanced, and 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshops aimed at giving its attendees practical skills and strategies.

Noble Desktop

3. Noble Desktop SEO Level 1:

Noble Desktop provides an SEO 101 class, which is all about search engines and basic optimization techniques. Offering such topics as search engine fundamentals, keyword research, and competitive analysis, this course is provided both physically and online, targeting SEO newbies.  

4. Noble Desktop SEO Level 2:

Master advanced SEO techniques with the second course of Noble Desktop. Introducing advanced techniques to level up from the basic SEO learning, participants will become able to outscore their rivals in search engine rankings. Intermediate learners aiming to sharpen their SEO skills will benefit from this course that covers such aspects as detailed link building strategies and competitive research techniques. Conducted on both premises at 185 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, and remotely, the offering is an intensive six-hour weekday or evening session.

5. BrainStation Search Engine Marketing Certificate:

Master the craft of search engine marketing with BrainStation’s collaborative project-based learning approach. The certificate program graduates are able to provide advanced analysis and manage professional campaign management. Both online and on campus at 503 Broadway, New York, NY, the participants learn how to develop and execute effective search engine marketing campaigns. This course is designed for the entry level students and it has a duration of 30 hours and is offered at evenings.

6. Tampa SEO Training Academy 5 Day SEO Mastery Class:

Complete SEO Mastery class by the Tampa SEO Training Academy helps you master SEO techniques. Starting from the most basic principles and moving to advanced optimization techniques, participants receive all the necessary information how to improve the ranking of their website in a proper way. Provided through live online virtual training, this course is a five-day weekday course that offers beginners a hands-on learning experience.

7. Tampa SEO Training Academy 2 Day SEO Essentials Class:

  Let the 2-Day SEO Essentials class of the Tampa SEO Training Academy be your SEO starting point. This course is addressed to beginners and it is dedicated to basic concepts including keyword research, page optimization, and content strategies. Once registered in live online virtual training, participants may take part in the interactive sessions that last over two weekdays and are a basis for further search engine optimization (SEO) investigations.  

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8. Certstaffix Training Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Learn SEO principles in depth with Certstaffix Training’s SEO courses. Using a series of modules, participants learn to develop good SEO plans and practice different optimization techniques. Held live online and optionally available with computer lab access at 276 5th Ave, New York, NY, this course runs two weekdays and is for beginner students wanting full HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge.

Gotch SEO Academy


9. Gotch SEO Academy:

Nathan Gotch’s Gotch SEO Academy can be classified as the ultimate New York SEO training resource with the White Hat SEO Mastery course being its main highlight. This complete package enables business owners to use white hat SEO techniques successfully, concentrating on content development and business grow. This course covers onsite technical SEO analysis, content strategies, advanced SEO techniques, and provides participants with a basis of knowledge and tools to increase search engine rankings and achieve good results within digital marketing.  Actualize your digital potential with XT Digital Agency. Take your web identity to the next level and reach your business objectives. Get in touch with us today to start our digital journey!  

10. NYIM:

NYIM provides major SEO training courses designed for people who want to gain a good understanding of the SEO in NYC. Since 1998, NYIM has trained more than 10,000 professionals and corporate teams. Their SEO Bootcamp offers an organized training methodology for mastering site audits, keyword research, the basics of on-page and off-page SEO, and other things. The free beginner SEO classes are offered by NYIM with the paid options giving access to live chat support and other resources for a complete learning experience.


Given the fact that digital landscape changes very fast, the knowledge of SEO is almost a rule for businesses and professionals as well. The broad array of SEO courses offered in New York City is suitable for learners of all levels, equipping them with the requisite information and competencies to excel in the cutthroat world of internet marketing.  If you’re a newbie wanting to learn the fundamentals or a pro campaigner seeking sophisticated techniques, these courses provide priceless insights and practical training that will lead you to success in the constantly changing field of search engine optimization. Pick the appropriate course, begin the SEO odyssey and enjoy the myriad of opportunities that the online domain provides.  


1. What are the requirements to attend an SEO course?

Pre-requisites also depend on the course level and provider. Those who are new to SEO will find that some beginner courses do not have specific prerequisites, while most advanced courses will require a prior understanding of basic SEO concepts. It is advised to go through the course description or contact the provider for the details of the requisites.

2. Are SEO courses available online or in class?

Indeed, most of SEO classes in New York City are not only available online but in-person too to suit different learning styles and time frame. Participants can choose the most suitable form of participation for themselves.

3. What is the usual duration of SEO courses?

The period of the SEO courses depends on the level and the intensity of the course. Basic courses may last for few days or weeks, but intermediate or comprehensive programs may be even for weeks or even months. The shorter workshops or bootcamps could be crammed into a few days of intensive learning.

4. Do I get a certificate for completing an SEO course?

Most SEO courses give their participants a certificate upon successful completion. This certification acts as a proof of your knowledge in SEO concepts and practices and may be helpful in strengthening your CV and authority in the area. Ensure to ask about certification possibilities while choosing a course.

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