Search Advertising Vs. Display Advertising: Which Wins The Game?

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Published on: December 01, 2021

We all know that when you think of Google, you think of search and going to Google and putting anything into the search bar to start an inquiry. However, what about the Display Network when it comes to triggering ads? Banner advertising is another option. I am writing this article on basis of research carried out by PPC Marketing Agency.

Search Advertising Vs. Display Advertising

The search and display network has both benefits and downsides that we shall discuss in this article. However, they're two distinct approaches to marketing. Google Ads controls the Display Network and the Search Network, but we'll explain why you should utilize each.

We'll be discussing the distinction between search and display advertising in this article. And we will also discuss the business approach you should use while using both of these platforms. What I'm here to do is help you become a better marketer.

Search Ads vs. Display Ads Comparison

We'll compare Google Ads' Display Network and Search Network in this article to see how each might contribute to the overall success of your campaign.

Search Advertising

When you think of Google, the first thing that comes to mind is search advertising on Google's search engine. Advertise directly in the search results by bidding for keywords in the ad network. Then, when someone clicks on your ad and ends up on your website, you're considered to have passed the test.

Display Advertising

On the other hand, the Display Network does not use search results as a point of focus. So, in the end, all you do is attempt to match up your business's ad with the user's purpose and the demography of the user as they explore the internet, which is all you need to do. As a result, it is possible to combine the two. Use business pages as an example if you're trying to reach folks looking for an accountant.

First, let's take a look at search as an example, which has the benefit of allowing you to show up at precisely the perfect time when someone is searching for your product or service. Moreover, it's a superb kind of advertising since you can reach the consumer at the precise time they need it.

The Drawback of Search Ads

However, have you ever considered that the same benefit of the search network is also a drawback of the search network? Since individuals are only seeking your services when they need them, you're only targeting a very tiny number of people who need your services. And they're actively searching for new opportunities.

There are a lot of individuals out there that may benefit from your goods and services. I've never heard of you and don't plan on doing so anytime soon, but that's where the display comes into play.


The Benefit of Display Ads

You may get your brand in front of a large number of people for a low cost, and that Reach will help you find the right audience for your product. In addition, they'll know who you are when they're ready to acquire your goods and services, which is a crucial aspect of funnel marketing.

I'm confident you'll be able to view the sales and marketing funnel before it appears on-screen. Using this information, you can now see where your display fits in the funnel search. It is at this point in the funnel that customers are ready to purchase and eager to convert.

The perfect consumer for your company is still out there, and you may disregard that portion of the market. As a result, a display is needed.

Understanding Search Advertising vs. Display Advertising

 To understand why display versus search is not as simple as it seems, let's look at two very different businesses. Not all inquiries are a success. What if, as an accounting company, you're searching for firms to join up with you so you can serve as their accountant? Search advertising is a prominent place to put your money in this circumstance because they can sign up for your services, and you may get new customers on board as a result. Because there are a lot of individuals seeking accountants, this is ideal. In addition, a lot of individuals are searching for accountants online.

Visual Appeal

Although demand exists, what if there is no demand? What if your company is in the video game industry? What if you are a game app developer and your business is gaming? You'd look at your marketing plan in a different light if you were in a completely different situation.

Let's imagine we need to get the word out about a fantastic game that we want to promote to too many people. And reach as many mobile users as possible. People aren't searching for "bio mobile gamers" on Google. Why would somebody purchase your game if there is nothing to see or hear about it?

Because of the high cost of a click, it's improbable that a user would download and subsequently spend money on your program. Therefore, using display or social media advertising would be my recommendation in this case.

Better Productivity through Display Ads

 If you're looking at Google's display vs. search results, I will allocate Google's total ad spending to the company's Display Network. It's easier to present your goods visually when you can reach a large number of individuals simultaneously. In addition, when looking at a product like a video game, you need to see it in action. Yet, the search network contains text advertising that isn't particularly visually appealing—using it as your primary marketing channel is counterproductive.

Monetary Aspect in Display Advertising vs. Search Advertising

It's still possible to make an argument if your organization depends heavily on search traffic. When it comes to your company, you can't afford to ignore the power of search advertisings. Even if you're just interested in displays from a few years ago, there's no reason not to do a test. The nit isn't that advanced, and a lot of money is being squandered on putting it on show. Now, there's even a great deal of money you are wasting.

Better Targeting Capabilities in Search Advertising

Google, on the other hand, has improved its targeting capabilities. For example, Google might utilize a user's data points to determine whether or not they are interested in purchasing a particular product or service.

Search advertising works quite effectively and may help you get in front of a larger audience of potential buyers. But, of course, you should layer your entire marketing and search campaigns on top of this to produce more leads and sales.

So, if you don't solely employ a last-click attribution scheme, I believe this advertising layer is worth investigating. Suppose you aren't familiar with attribution modeling. It's crediting each of our user journey's distinct clicks. For example, let's say your customer has to make ten clicks to get to the ultimate objective of purchasing your product or service on several social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Attribution Modeling

Search engine results based on natural results when it comes to sponsored search, a user's journey should include all of the channels and all of the clicks they make during that trip.

Choosing the suitable attribution model relies on your company and the behavior of your customers. Thanks to the new attribution modeling tool in Google Analytics, you can now better understand your customers' behavior. I may publish an essay on how to utilize this tool so that others may benefit from it.


Display advertisement isn't a waste of money if you can assign clicks correctly depending on a user's path around the site using this method. In addition, you can track the effect of display clicks on your total sales by tying them to the end user's objective. In other words, you may forget about missed clip conversions and instead focus on the clicks that matter most to your company. Understanding how display fits into the broader business strategy and that you can reach a larger audience the way we explained in this article.

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