Invisible Web: 10 Best Search Engines to Explore in 2021

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Published on: January 21, 2021

The digital world assists all fields while providing extensive data, authentic knowledge, proven facts, and feasible access. For instance, education, health, law enforcement, and businesses get tremendous assistance from online search engines while getting dimensional information. They utilize different search engines, not only visible but also invisible. The invisible web refers to the content which is not indexed by standard web search engines. The invisible web has two categories having the name deep web and the dark web. The deep web needs accreditation to let the data access. Whereas dark web needs installation of Tor Browser top gets access to sensitive data with secrecy. Many organizations are using both webs to get relevant information utilizing different search engines. Let me tell you the most useable and practiced search engines in dimensional domains.

What is the invisible web?

The invisible web or hidden web are the parts of the World Wide Web. Standard web search engines do not index their content. This terminology refers to all the data which is not visible in search results or web directories. Experts have said that the invisible web spectrum is far spread than the visible web, but no evidence has been shown yet. The invisible web is divided into two major categories for better understanding.

The Deep Web

The web does not provide full access through standard search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, without paying money. Deep search engine basically needs accreditation to give access to complete data. It has specific pages included and not indexed, fee-for-service sites, private databases, and the dark web. Experts also said that Deep search engines are several times bigger than the surface web. Whereas, with the help of the surface web, contents can be accessed easily through search engines than the deep web. For instance, Netflix is visible on the internet, but most of the data not accessible without paying money. That means users have to pay a fee to access the customized data through id and password. Moreover, JSTOR and Statista are also good examples of paid features. Furthermore, library databases, email inboxes, cloud storage drives, personal records (financial, academic, health, and legal), company intranets, etc.

The Dark web

This web type indicates encrypted online content that is not indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The dark web does not have a separate identity, but it is the part of the deep web that refers to those not visible on conventional search engines. The dark web requires specific browsers to provide access, such as Tor Browser. The core concern of the dark web is to provide standard web service with more secrecy. The secrecy feature is considered a negative aspect by many experts due to online market places for drugs, exchange of stolen data, and other illegal activities. But it is not the complete story. Yeah, many illegal activities are getting attention from the Dark web through secret data collection to blackmail people. Still, the actual use was to maintain the privacy of sensitive data.

The Best Invisible Web Search Engines


1. The WWW Virtual Library

This first index of the content was started by Tim Berners-Lee, who has created HTML and World Wide Web. This is run with the help of a confederation of volunteers than commercial index sites. It lives on hundreds of diversified servers all over the world with a set of index pages. It has now grown with around 300 sub-libraries within the main library. Its volunteers facilitate users by compiling links enriched list by hands. Moreover, they provide a huge variety of web content across different categories.

2. Elephind

The core reason for Elephind is to ensure the world's online historic newspaper in one place. It is the platform which is providing extensive research through viridian powered newspaper search engine. Elephind provides historic and digitalized newspapers all over the world to facilitate a research community consisting of thousands of newspapers. It assists historians, genealogists, and researchers while providing extensive knowledge from dimensional corners of the world. This tool facilitates students, professionals, and knowledge seekers through feasible access to multiple sites. Moreover, Elephind is a tool to test the viridian search system on a huge and diversified amount of digitalized text. Also, it helps to attract a huge audience to the newspaper collection to assist customers. Elephind has around 3.6 million newspapers, and they keep adding more.

3. PipI

PipI is the most useful and supporting search engine which is participating in reducing the crime rate from all over the world. This search engine is totally based on people's search. It is used by top investigators and fraud analysts. They utilize this search engine to get sensitive information about white-collar crimes by getting current, rich, and historical identity information. It facilitates analysts through over 3 billion trusted identities having unmatched global coverage. This is a totally ethical and legal underground search engine to co-operate with law-enforcement agencies. This is a remarkable search engine to reduce cybercrime while pointing authentic data to resolve the toughest cases. Moreover, it encourages investigative journalism through fact-based and accurate verification. This tool saves time by providing specific knowledge about location, associates, potential assets, historical background, and current information about the target.

4. Ahmia

Although Ahmia is a dark web search engine, surprisingly, it is available on the regular web. You just need to install Tor browser on your computer to get access to all data and to open links, and for invisible web, people search. This search engine is used to get sensitive knowledge from the dark web without exposing yourself to the internet. But, remember that any abusive material is not allowed on Ahmia. The list of blacklisted material is not available to access from this search engine. Even if you find any abusive material, you can report to remove it.

5. The Wayback Machine

This search engine is amazing due to providing access to that content, which is no longer available on the visible web. So if you want to have access to historical material that is not visible on the internet, you can get it from The Wayback Machine. This unique tool has copies of more than 361 billion web pages on its server to facilitate all kinds of queries.

6. DuckDuckGo

This private search engine for the visible web does not track you but offers an onion site to let you explore the dark web as well. This search engine provides more extensive and deep web content than Google. Explore the internet for more useful data through DuckDuckGo.

7. Gov

This search engine assists all kinds of USA government agencies and sectors while providing data regarding federal agency, state, local or tribal government. Moreover, if you want to search the data about upcoming government jobs, loans, grants, taxes, this tool will help you immensely with relevant and authentic knowledge. This official guide aware consumers, how to report a crime or file a complaint if any uncertainty occurs. Moreover, it educates people on how to get health benefits, education, and housing from government offers. Also, it aware people about the government projects regarding green technology, information on energy, and wildlife safety.

8. Voice of the Shuttle

This search engine has an impressive collection of curated deep web content. This gateway website contains over 70 pages and links top humanities-related resources on the internet. This provides an amazing guide to online resources in 26 subject categories. This list of subjects has a huge variety, including anthropology, legal studies, history, women and gender, and minority studies. This tool support studies with a dimensional and huge range of information, having 11 sub-categories of every subject. So every link is subdivided to assist your research work. The Voice of the shuttle is feasible and easy to navigate.

9. Directory of Open Access Journals

This is the deep internet search engine having huge content of academic papers. This tool is mind-blowing because it does not charge for its huge and dimensional content. It has almost 10,000 journals with 2.5 million articles from all categories.

10. The Hidden Wiki

This dark web search engine has an onion domain name that is why it is not accessible through a standard web browser. You can get the links to dark web social media, commercial services, forums, books, movies, TV, and whistle-blowers.


Digital platforms are considered the most authentic platforms to get all kinds of data, but it is not a complete truth. When we search any information in the searching bar, we just get that data that is visible to all. This is web called invisible web, having sensitive and paid data for specific reasons. People utilize the deep web to get paid data from any website, including education and entertainment.  The same as the dark web is also a term that refers to the most sensitive data. This data is used through the Tor browser. The core reason is to provide standard data with more secrecy. At the same time, the dark web is also misunderstood due to its negative reputation regarding supporting crime but is not evident. Moreover, there are some useful search engines as well, which facilitate in their respective areas.

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