Call Center Metrics and KPIs to Measure Work Efficiency and Cost Increases

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Published on: May 24, 2022

Call center managers are in an interesting position these days. It's no secret that various new metrics are challenging call centers and other contact centers. And with the advent of these new ways of doing business, companies are looking for new ways to evaluate their agents' staff. And everyone is getting creative to go about it. With time, we now need to consider what your call center company ultimately wants to achieve. You can use several different metrics systems to measure the quality of your service.

What are Metrics? And What Do Metrics mean in a Call Center?

Call center metrics help track the success of an organization's contact center regardless of its size. We can use these metrics to measure performance, agent productivity, and other activities that lead to increased customer satisfaction, impacting future business development efforts. Customer Service managers rely on key performance indicators (KPIs). Such as contact volume and quality scores monitoring how effectively and efficiently a call center solution achieves targets specific to their organization's needs.

How is call center proficiency measured?

Call Center managers are likely tracking a lot of data. This data comes from various platforms and it reports on various business processes. Metrics are one of the best ways to get this data organized and monitored so it can be easily seen and read so you know where things stand at all times. But there are different types of call center metrics, and you may need them all: the type depends on your role in setting up the helpdesk or helpline. For example, a contact center manager will probably need info like customer service statistics. Still, a manager working at the helpdesk itself will want to know about turnover rates for their staff.

As you may know, BPO Agency is a business process outsourcing, and the term is relatively self-explanatory. And it works when you outsource business operations to specialized companies and agencies.

What Should the industry standards be for call center metrics?

Metrics and data allow businesses to gauge their actions and track their effects on the company. Metrics and data will also provide a framework for setting goals and creating an environment where employees can work at their optimal level of effectiveness.

Each year the center has its way of funding. The call center industry has similar options for metrics and KPIs. Matrix usually focuses on areas of interest and reflects critical insights into the customer experience. And they always emphasize quality and quantity.

For a call center to be highly effective in its results, four metrics report the performance of an organization when it comes to keeping customers satisfied and delivering excellent customer service. They are:

  • Customer experience
  • Call initiation
  • Agent productivity
  • Call center operations

Customer Experience Metrics and KPIs

It's often said that the customer is king. So, it's paramount to your business' success to ensure you are delivering consistently good customer service! In terms of measuring success, though, it can be tricky to ascertain whether or not a business is on the right track. Qualitative data points such as testimonials and case studies are often utilize. Because usually, business owners measure their results through lost customers and employees quitting, but that isn't always enough to pinpoint exactly where a problem lies. More accurate/quantifiable measures need to be taken as far as UX goes if we want these companies to be more competitive globally!

Surveys show that customers were less satisfied when they had to:

  • Contact the organization again
  • Re-explain their issue
  • Be transferred
  • Put out additional effort to gain contact resolution

First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution is a call center metric that measures the number of times an agent has successfully handled a customer issue on one call. Callers expect what will resolve their issue during the first encounter. This is essential in providing them with stellar customer service and infusing trust in your company's brand. The challenge of FCR is to consistently meet this benchmark and ensure every caller receives prompt and practical support.

Customer Satisfaction or CSAT scores are a valuable indicator of both your brand's customer service and future revenues. This report allows company management to understand which factors have the most significant effect on their clients. What they do and do not like, and why they made specific decisions. This data can help you improve your product or overall service offerings to better match concerns and needs, enhancing retention rates and customer profitability.


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Customer Effort Score (CES)

CX is a survey that measures the customer's experience of your product and helps you analyze why some customers are unhappy or dissatisfied. There are many ways to measure CX, but it is usually broken down into categories like Learning, Value Meets Expectations, Outcome/Result, Emotional Response, Ease of Use, and Adoption/Recommendation. Higher scores in each category mean that customers were impress by your product.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

A net promoter score is based on a principle that states that the best businesses are those who inspire promoters, which are fans or loyal customers. It helps marketers determine how engaged and committed their business clients are to their company. To figure out a company's NPS, one asks a question as simple as 'How likely is it that you would recommend this agent or company?' Afterward, they determined users who gave scores lower than 6 in response to this negative question. The number is an approximation composed of the percentage of people who said a score of 0-6 minus the percentage of people who said 7-10 with 0-6 put as a basis, followed by clients from 7-10 being considered promoters.

Agent Productivity Metrics and KPIs

Call center metrics to tell you how efficiently your team is getting things over. However, if leaders want to measure their centers' performance effectively, they must focus on the correct data. What are the most critical call center metrics? Here are the most critical call center metrics to track: Average Handling Time, Agent Utilization Rate and Average Speed of Answer.


Metrics Used in Call Centers

The following are common call center KPIs that suppliers provide clients with on monthly basis.
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