7 Effective WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins in 2022

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Published on: April 29, 2022

Do you want to get one of the best and most highly rated WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin for your WordPress website?

Plagiarism is becoming more of a problem every year. Sometimes, what might seem like mere plagiarism becomes an issue that is not intentional. Many cases of accidental and self-plagiarism are recorded, which means that anyone can be a victim. If you've posted content online, you could end up being accused of fraud even though you did nothing wrong.

You must check any content you post online for plagiarism. Many people choose to either pay someone to write their content or hire a professional company to do the work when they have no experience or knowledge of what they're doing. An excellent example of this is the best research paper writing service.

Here is The List of Top Rated 7 Wordpress Plagiarism Checker Plugin:


1. Plagiarism Checker Pro

The Plagiarism Checker Pro Internet is a tool that best detects theft for any duplicate content. And it checks online content the fastest because it only takes a few seconds to complete a content check for piracy. It allows you to find the exact pages that copied your original content. This trial pack is also available for free. Its basic plan costs $ 10 with 1000 questions, the Go plan costs $ 29 with 3000 questions, and the business plan costs $ 459 with 50,000 questions. You can connect it to your WordPress site from anywhere and start reviewing your content with just one click.


2. Copyscape

CopyScape is a tool that helps you check out plagiarism content. This plugin contains various Copyscape APIs to check stolen content directly in your WordPress dashboard. Copyscape automatically detects copied data. So you don't have to copy and paste to check your content repeatedly. People who mock the content of your website. It can catch them too. You can get the basic plan for only $ 25. This plugin is also compatible with various browsers like Safari, Opera, and Chrome.


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3. Plagiarism Auto-Check

The most popular plagiarism checker WordPress tool has been plagiarism auto-check. This plugin is the second most popular plugin. It features a completely intuitive interface.

Here you can find pages that copy the original content of your website. Plus, you'll be getting information about the username, email ID, and address of the user who stole your content.

They are designed to protect your content, but they can also track people's reactions to your content. Here are the prices based on its version—$ 17 for a Regular License and $85 for Pro Edition.


4. Small SEO Tool

According to SEO Services provider, Small SEO Tool comes in the top five searches of WordPress plagiarism plugins. It is a free plagiarism WordPress plugin where the developer provides tons of features for your website. The tool allows you to examine the texts or pages on your website and reports to you if it finds any plagiarized content over there.

The ease of use makes checking plagiarized text so easy with this plugin, making it well worth its application as far as we're concerned. And speaking of application, in addition to its ease of use, other factors make this an excellent choice. It comes with a large green box where you can copy or past contents over and verify them through a button to ensure they are 100% legit! Upload documents or URLs from your site and use its system of examining sentences or paragraphs at once without fail!


5. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker

A true gem among options, the Duplicator plugin not only checks on duplicate content but also generates reports that other moderators on your site can easily view. It is also great because it gives you instant notifications when someone has stolen or copied your content. Even better, when you tell the other party about their stolen work posted on your site, you can auto-DMCA those notices so that everyone is aware of it. It works with Google Docs, WordPress, Blogger, and Long Farm posts. You can choose "receive an alert" for pages using no-follow backlinks. We won't ignore any of them because it comes with so many valuable features.


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6. Prepostseo Checker

Another helpful plugin to check your content against your site is the Prepostseo.com plugin. You can view how many times a particular sentence has been used on other websites and show the uniqueness of any specific sentence in your post and page by selecting it with one tick! This plugin was developed by Jacob King, an SEO consultant and recommended for analyzing posts within WordPress. Some key highlights of this plugin include how many times a particular sentence has been seen on other sites, highlighting too common sentences showing a term's level of uniqueness within the niche.


7. Copyleaks

You can also detect theft with AI-powered Copyleaks. Their technology is state-of-the-art and suitable for highlighting all types of theft, including faulty paraphrased phrases and hidden characters. In other words, students cannot cheat by using unique or hidden feelings.


Final Result

Proofreading is always important when writing content. Many WordPress blogs have WordPress plugins to scan a post for plagiarism before publication on the site.   If a blog has received multiple warnings from Google that links to it have been detected as intrusive spam, then Google may choose to ban all pages of the source domain from ranking in search results and remove existing pages.

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