20 Effective Tips to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Store Without Buying Ads

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Published on: June 03, 2022

With additional customers shopping on the web than at any other time, retailers should endeavor to get taken note. Imagine a scenario where you don't have a spending plan for promotions. Is it true or not that you are ill-fated to blur into the internet-based chasm? Over portion of customers like to shop on the web. Incredible news for online retailers like you, correct?

With the development of online commercial centers and stores of decisions accessible to purchasers, it's difficult to stand out enough to be noticed you want to drive traffic and income. Today, I'll share 20 web-based ecommerce marketing tips to get more users to your website — without spending a dime on paid promotions. The best part is that a considerable lot of these tips are simpler to execute.


How Can Non-Paid Strategies Improve E-Commerce Website Traffic?

Some marketers think that a paid e-commerce strategy is the only way to compete with big brands, but that's not always the case. You have access to all the traffic you could hope for on Google's first page with 95 percent of website traffic hitting the first page. You don't have to invest money in driving traffic with non-paid e-commerce strategies. You're not exchanging money for sales; instead, you're exchanging time and resources.

Additionally, focusing on non-paid traffic means building a more user-friendly website. A study by Amazon Web Services found that 88 percent of online shoppers won't return to a site that gave them a terrible experience. With so many e-commerce options, why would they? The market is flooded with options. The threshold for mistakes and user experience issues is getting lower and lower. A business with long-term potential is built by thinking outside the box. Your traffic will plummet as soon as you turn off your budget for paid ads. SEO, email marketing service, and on-page optimization are long-term strategies with long-term benefits.

Sales of e-commerce have increased steadily year after year and show no signs of slowing down. Nearly 7,400 billion dollars will be spent on e-commerce by 2025. You can get a piece of the pie if you're having trouble getting traffic. You can get more traffic to your e-commerce site today by following these e-commerce tips.

1.      Get Start Referral Program

The conversion rate of leads that come from referrals exceeds all other marketing methods by 30 percent. You can always start an e-commerce referral program if you don't already have one. Just make sure it isn't overly complicated.

For instance, Take Response. Each time you refer someone to the software, you get a $30 account credit. As simple as that: Offer existing customers something of value for every new customer they bring to you! Use these tips to drive sign-ups after finding a referral program platform.


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2.      Create Your Blog

If you want to drive traffic to your store, start writing your blog. Google controls 92% of the content of the search market. And the search engines bring to the top the websites that update their blog daily, a blog is a tool that can help you to increase your ranking in the search engines. Investing in a blog and valuable Content delivery is a great job, but it's also important for your e-commerce store. You can start your blog on most e-commerce platforms like Big Commerce and Shopify. They have built-in blogging templates to help them.

3.      Offer Free Shipping

More than half of buyers have added to their cart to meet all needs with the expectation of a complimentary transport, with 45% of consumers saying they would leave the track at the moment that it was excluded from shipping. has been done. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few.

4.      Submit Guest Blogs

Even though you write the best blog for an e-commerce site, engage users, and attract new people to click through to your website, these are all important things. But also do a guest post on your website traffic. It helps you build backlinks, and that's part of the real SEO.



5.      Optimize Your CTAs

About 3% of your web traffic can turn into a principal visit, so it's important to capture email addresses through your CTAs. You can see how it works. It couId effect of something as basic as the shade of your CTA button.



6.      Make a List of Emails

Older customers spend 67% more than new customers but you can bring them back via email. Your customers know that you will not hurt their trust.

7.      Birch Box

You can bring these customers back using a promo code and this is a special offer for your customers that they will want to read. Offer a small discount (10 to 15%) to users who sign up with your email list.

Only mention new products in the email list and make your customers feel special. Post teasers about incoming email announcements on social media to encourage followers to sign up.

8.      Retarget Email Subscribers

Once you've created the email list, you'll want to target users again based on their web-behavior. A retargeting email is sent to someone who has expressed interest in your business but has not acted. So this is a good opportunity to invite them back to the page.

You can also send your old products to new customers in different ways. The advantage of this is that as long as you find your new clients, it will be easier to catch the existing customers.

9.      Make a Video

Nowadays people are also making their things public through videos. YouTube is considered to be the second-largest search engine in the world. Now you can also present your marketing strategy by making a video. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site. You can also make videos of case studies of your products.

10. Work with Inspiring People

Introduce yourself to influential people. And you can offer them free samples of your product and ask them to publicize their products or recommend them to post their products on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. All of these things can give your investment a better return.

11. Post your product on Product Hunt

Product Hunt's job is to let people find new products in the tech industry. If you have skills like software and mobile apps, and you sell anything related to tech, then you are likely to get more traffic. Depending on the type of product they are selling. Product Hunt can be a popular place to sell your products.

12. Take Advantage of SEO

According to Ecommerce SEO Services When you use SEO, you may begin to rely on traffic growth consisting of people who are already interested in your product because they are looking for it in search engines. A couple of ways of further developing your SEO incorporate improving your item pictures to get additional traffic from Google, involving catchphrases in your item portrayals normally as well as in your item titles, and keeping your site refreshed with important, new satisfied.



13. Be Active on Social Media

Nowadays, having a social media presence is essential. It is one of the most effective ways to advertise your online store, showcase your products, and stay in touch with your customers. Don't just post and run. Engage in conversations with other users. Be social by asking them questions, leaving comments on their posts, and responding to their comments. Make sure you link to your WooCommerce shop page in your social media bio so that your followers can check out your latest products directly from your profile. E-commerce marketing is very common these days. It provides insights into your brand and continues to process actions that are sold online. E-commerce marketing involves targeting social media, search engines, websites, email, and streaming sites to target customers and sales. This process focuses on guiding a prospect to eventually make a purchase and become your customer.

14. Take Advantage of Comparison Engines

People can use comparison engines to find the highest value for their money. It is possible to submit your store or products to these engines. Comparison engine users are the ideal audience for promoting your product, as they are highly interested in buying and are seeking the most competitive deals. Pricegrabber.com is a popular comparison engine.


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15. Don’t Forget About Reviews

The report shows that people are very respectful of the reviews. But it is also possible for online shoppers to stop reading reviews before making a purchase. With that in mind, we should add reviews to the store. And WooCommerce does a great job. This makes it easy to display customer reviews on each product page. However, you can find a variety of reviews, including sites like Yelp, Trust Advisor, Google Reviews, and Facebook, and these can be great places to collect reviews and display them on your website.

16. Understand the Customer Person

If you do not know the personality of the customer, then you may miss one of the easiest e-commerce tips. What is the personality of the buyer? It is important to know this. It's a representation of your customer. What do they do? How do they act? What do they think? What made them click? If you do not have a specific product that you are marketing in your e-commerce business, then you are probably witnessing your own money.

17. Create a Sense of Urgency

Customers who make a purchase site rarely complete their sales. Instant Shopping offers a great way to get started right now. Maybe it's "Follow now! At a lower price!" Or "Get it now for free shipping!" Or "It's for a limited time!" You can catch it in different ways unless the visitor thinks I'm "missing out".

18. Update Email Signature

Another way to increase your traffic is through email signatures. This is a tool that we use daily. Just think, how many emails do you receive on daily emails do you reply to?

It takes a few minutes to add a link to your store and this is a free ad whenever you send it to your email inbox. You can link it to your business homepage or a popular product. This is very important, so make sure you take a minute to update your email signature.

19. Research and Test

All these SCOE Commerce Tips will help you to get more traffic to your site. If you want to move forward, you need to follow these strategies. For example, an e-commerce fashion website can achieve better results by using influential people than a B2-B manufacturing e-commerce company. The method of detection is research, testing, and axis. If something is not right for your audience, try something new. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

20. Protect User Data

If you don't know, we tell you that e-commerce SEO sites collect a lot of data from their users. This includes onsite action, banking or card information, addresses, and possibly social security numbers on your website.

Can you protect this information?

So the answer is yes, you know how to keep your customer information safe:

  • An SSL certificate
  • Track all orders.
  • Requires a strong password.
  • Make sure your data storage is encrypted.
  • Make sure you tell your customers that you are doing all this. When they are asked to enter sensitive information, including all the steps you take to protect their data.

Final Thoughts

To increase sales and profit at the end of the year, you need to drive more traffic to your e-Commerce store. Try the ideas in this article as a starting point, experiment, and measure your results to determine which ones work best. Focus on incorporating them into your core marketing strategy.

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