15 Creative Ways to Skyrocket Your Business

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Published on: April 01, 2022

We've all strike it: that wall that drains all of your fantastical creative marketing juices to skyrocket your business. You start feeling like Peter Pan, excluding the pixie dust. There have always been days when work is low-key, no matter what your artistic field is. However, throughout those downtimes, it's a great time not only to close the gap on all of your admin, but it's also an excellent time to promote your business.

Marketing is crucial for any organization, whether you're starting as a freelancer or have been in operation for years. It is how people learn of you and employ you.

There are so many competitors in the market and noise to contend with; how can you get your company's name out there and gain new customers? The following must-have list should be of assistance. It includes genuinely inspirational ideas for promoting and marketing your business, so you'll never have a justification not to prioritize marketing.

1. Submit An Article To Your Local Newspaper

Write a press statement about something newsworthy that is happening in your company. Don't know how to write one? Read some essential PR advice or call a journalist to see if they're willing to run something. If they are, they will almost certainly write the story themselves.

2. Make A Newsletter

Create a regular e-newsletter for your customer base – assuming you have their permission to interview them. Inform people about what you're up to and any new products and services you've introduced. It will keep you in their spotlight and inspire them to do business with you again.

3. Create A Blog

Blogs provide excellent opportunities to not only broaden your digital marketing strategy by creating a plethora of long-tail keywords. They're also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your expertise while establishing trust. Keep your blog up to date with high-quality content, and both Google and your visitors will appreciate it.


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4. Cold Calling

Begin each day by following it up on any lead generation or making several cold calls. That's always a great way to keep your marketing on track and look into new opportunities within the organization.

5. Keep Business Cards On Hand

Never leave the house without your business cards. You never know who you'll run into. Ensure that your business cards include all of your relevant info, such as your web address and any social media outlets you may have.

6. Make Connections With Influential Bloggers

There are many new blogs available, so do your research and find some influencing bloggers to connect with. If possible, ask them to write fantastic feedback about your company, product, or service.

7. Create Link-Baiting Blogs

Start making the most of your blog by posting things that attract customers to link to them. The more people who suggest your articles, the more visitors your website will receive.

8. Utilize Your Email Signature To Its Full Potential

Connect the dots by including links to your website and social media accounts in your email signature. Consider including your primary marketing message or corporation slogan as well. Remind people why they like you so much.

9. Create A Column For Your Community Newspaper

Contact your local newspaper to see if they would profit from a usual "ask the expert" column, and then provide frequent expert characteristics for them to publish. If you don't ask, you won't get – so call today.

10. Start Creating a Press Kit

Prepare some additional context about yourself and your company to send to journalists. For example, create a 'press' section on your official site where the media can learn more about you and communicate directly with you.

11. Advertising on Mobile Devices

Why not design a friendly label for your vehicle and advertise your company while you're on the go? Don't overlook to include your website address and phone number. Make it more interesting by having a discount coupon code that people can use when calling you.

12. Use Forums To Your Advantage

There are many forums available for you to join and contribute to, regardless of your creative industry. In addition, many people use message boards to find answers. Provide as much assistance as possible, and you may attract new customers. Just remember to make the most of your forum signature by including website links and your company's slogan.

13. Don't Forget About Your SEO

SEO is all about making sure people crawl your site when they search for your goods or services. Don't be afraid to make this a primary focus. Consider hiring an SEO service in Dallas to assist you, or educate yourself on SEO.


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14. Connect All Of Your Social Media Accounts

Don't overlook to include links to all of your social media profiles on your webpage and vice versa. Check that everything is connected, and don't overlook to include them in all of your promotional materials and literary works.

15. Ensure Your Pricing Is Correct

Conduct research and contact a few competitors to see what they charge for their goods and services. To hide your tracks, assume to be a consumer. Then, get your pricing straight after you've got a great idea about what the market is priced at. Still unsure? Read on for advice on how much to start charging for freelance work.


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